Abraham Hicks: The Secret Behind The Secret

Abraham through Esther Hicks responds to a question on why there are two versions of the movie, The Secret. One version has Abraham on it and the other doesn’t.

Abraham, who describe themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension,” are acknowledged as one of the original sources of the teachings of the  “The Law Of Attraction” principles and how we are the creators of our own reality. If you are a fan of Abraham teachings, or have heard of them and want to learn the core principles of their teachings, you can visit www.abraham-hicks.com.

Are you a follower of Abraham’s teachings? If so, how have they changed your life? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.



elle says:

I completely understand “anonymous man” and agree his perspective is completely valid. I feel SO much like he says he does so often that I literally have to back away from the force and refocus. I must stop myself from “feeling” his same frustration, anger, sadness and vacuum of the lack of love on this plane. It’s difficult when you can “see” the greed of the few, how it is manifest and perpetuated in the misery of the masses. It hurts my heart to watch. So much so that I have to push it away from me, holding it at arm’s length to feel my own life. I cried during this video. I, too, am familiar with the loss of hope. It is regained only slowly but I believe, no I know, that realigning oneself to hope is the only way to make it through this life this time around. I’m not a follower of Abraham. Nor do I know the teachings. I do, however, know what this man is feeling.

Thanks! I have enjoyed this immensely!

Zipporah Israel says:

I am very honored to come across these teachings. I have been guided in this direction because I have asked of better understanding and knowledge of who I Am as a creator and with that asking. I have come to a better understanding with the teachings of Abraham and it is becoming more clear to me day by day…I love the path I am on and being connected with source energy…..I am day by day in the vortex.

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