Randy Gage: The Imaging Law of Prosperity (Visualization)

Randy Gage, one of the most sought-after personal development teachers today, describes what he calls the Imaging Law of Prosperity, one of the prosperity laws he teaches in his Prosperity Series books. Randy walks his talk, having come from a humble background as a minimum wage dishwasher to becoming a millionaire many times over that he is today.

In this video, Randy explains the power of visualization to manifest what you desire. The concept is hardly new, but not everybody applies it properly. Randy also mentions a Prosperity Manifestion Map, also known as Vision Board, to make your imaging process more tangible and closer to reality.


“I believe prosperity is created in the mind first, and once we picture that, we create that outcome in our mind, even if it’s on a subconscious level, we are able to manifest it on the physical level.

“So there’s a lot of ways to do this but it’s all about creating that visualization, creating that picture. One of my friends Richard Brooke does a vision seminar. One of the things he talks about in that seminar is to write a movie script of you perfect day, and you just involve as many of your senses as you can. So you hear the birds chirping when you wake up, and you smell the maid making the fresh-roasted coffee or the herbal tea downstairs. You can feel the breeze coming in off the ocean through the window. Because the more you involve different senses, the more real, the more tangible that picture is in your mind.

“So you create this movie script of your perfect day, and waking up, what you do and where you go and how you would live. If you have have all of the money so that money just simply wasn’t a concern for you, what kind of lifestyle would you live, what would you do who, would you be hanging out with, what would your day look like. You write all this as a script.”

Have you tried visualiation as described by Randy? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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