Randy Gage: The Secret and The Law of Attraction

Prosperity coach Randy Gage shares his thoughts on the movie, The Secret, and the concept of the Law of Attraction that it popularized in the mainstream. While appreciating the merits of the film, Randy reminds everyone that The Secret is not complete. The Law of Attraction is only one of several laws of prosperity that are necessary in order to truly attract the things that you desire. The key to true prosperity is developing the right consciousness, prosperity consciousness, which will then attract the right circumstances, people and opportunities that then one needs to act upon in order to get the results.


“The law of attraction is one of seven universal laws that i believe you have to live by to manifest prosperity in your life. So you have the circulation law of prosperity, the vacuum law of prosperity, you have the law of giving and receiving… Just know that you gotta have that big picture. You’ve got to take action. It isn’t just about thinking positive thoughts and attracting. Positive thoughts are really important. It’s the mindset. When you develop prosperity consciousness, you’re open to new ideas. When you develop prosperity consciousness, you’ll attract other people of higher consciousness. When you develop prosperity consciousness, you will attract the people, circumstances and opportunities which will allow you to manifest prosperity. But you’re still going to have to act.”

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