10 minutes to find your calm on a crazy day

When the pressure is on, and emotions are running high, we need a break to regain our calm. So here are ten ideas that take less than 10 minutes and affect our well-being.


1. Change the room

When we realize that our anxiety is rising, the whole room is also charged with it. Bad stagnant energy is floating around. It’s time to change the room for a few minutes. Going for a walk, going outside for a few minutes, or even retreating to the bathroom can help us regain our calm.

2. Look at some pictures

Some pictures can calm us: a memory of a trip, our family smiling, an animal we love, etc. But we can also coordinate our breathing with our body. But we can also coordinate our breathing on specific animated images. Let’s try it? Breathe in and out to the rhythm of this animation:
Note the sensations we feel as we go around our five senses in various situations (taking a shower, waking up in bed, etc.).


3. 6 minutes of reading

To lower our stress, we should open our book and immerse ourselves in reading for 6 minutes. According to a study, this is the time it would take to reduce our stress by half. Long live reading!

4. Eye Gym

Moving your eyes from left to right could be a way to regain some serenity during a crazy day. So the EMDR method tends to prove, as it promises a form of healing through the eyes. What can also be helpful is to close them to better concentrate on our breathing.

5. Like at the spa

We rarely listen to really relaxing music like the one we hear when we go to the spa. However, these musical breaks (birdsong, falling rain, waves, etc.) envelop us and promote relaxation. You can find a vast number of excerpts directly on YouTube. Slip them into your ears whenever you feel the stress taking over.

6. Breathe out more!

We don’t breathe out more often, but we do breathe out for a more extended period, which is the technique of cardiac coherence. To promote relaxation, we should make our exhalation last longer than our inhalation. We should retire to a quiet place where we can breathe for 5 to 10 minutes to bring back the calm.

7. Give a hug

Giving and receiving a hug would be one of the most calming gestures. Of course, if you don’t have arms to snuggle with, you can always try to remember some sweet moments. But the real hug is still the best, and it immerses us in the present moment and forgets about everything else.

8. Listen to an audio

On the website My Voice, Your Way, you can find dozens of audio capsules that have the power to calm us down. Often in less than 10 minutes. Calming down is not easy! Sometimes, we need a guide, and that’s what we have here. What a joy to feel accompanied!

9. Doodle

An artistic break can have a direct effect on our state of mind. We get out colored pencils – felt-tip pens, wooden pencils, or others – and we draw. If we find no talent and this blocks us more than it frees us, we turn to coloring or doodling. It’s not the result that matters. It’s the liberating act that provides calming benefits.

10. Touching an object

We choose an object that will be our “reserve of calm.” We can choose rock, a ring or a trinket. Then, each time we need to regain our calm, we take this object in our hands to feel the peace we have invested in its return to us. A little bit like a lucky charm that we touch to bring luck: this charm will calm us discreetly in all possible situations.

Watching this animated image should reduce your anxiety

The instructions are simple: just take a deep breath when the figure opens and exhale rhythmically when it closes. Repeat the exercise as many times as you need to, until you feel calmed and relaxed – and put this GIF aside for future anxiety episodes.

This visual aid seems to work on a lot of Tumblr users, but also on other social networks, who don’t hesitate to share it to benefit as many people as possible.

And if this one doesn’t work for you or isn’t enough, you can always look for others: there are a few that are also shared and are just as effective.

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