12 Essential Law of Attraction Exercises

Here are 12 popular and recognized Law of Attraction Exercises to help show how to practice the Law of Attraction to manifest your dream life. ​

​The following Law of Attraction exercises should be practiced regularly to attract and manifest your dream life. Start with short-term goals initially, so you become familiar with the process. You can expand and increase your desires when you become more confident with the following Law of Attraction manifestation techniques.


12 Essential Law of Attraction Exercises with examples

There are also useful examples with each Law of Attraction exercise to understand how they can be applied successfully. So, here are 12 Law of Attraction Exercises so you can practically apply the Law of Attraction in your life.

1. Be CLEAR With Your Request

When discussing Law of Attraction steps to manifesting your dream life, the first and most important is CLARITY when thinking about what you want to bring into your life. Whether love, money, success, etc., you need to be clear and specific about what you want, only use positive language, and affirm that it is already in your life (I have, I own, I am) in your request.

This applies whether you want to have a stress-free day or become financially abundant, or if you want a new car or to bring your soulmate into your life. Write down your request with as much clarity as you can because this will help to effectively apply the Law of Attraction to manifest the desired outcome.

For example: ‘I am now in a relationship could mean that you meet someone who you’re not actually compatible with, so it doesn’t last, or someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Instead, list their personality attributes, such as ‘similar sense of humor to mine, ‘kind’, ‘loyal’ and ‘similar interests’; what they look like, such as ‘6-feet tall’, ‘athletic build,’ and ‘dark hair’; and aspects that are important to you within a relationship, such as ‘passionate, ‘respectful’, ‘supportive of each other, and so on. Decide what you want that will suit you and result in a long-term relationship where you are both happy.

Another example: ‘I have a new car’ could result in a two-seater that doesn’t fit your family or one that you can’t afford to run or keep up the costs to maintain.

Instead, list the attributes, such as the make, how old, color, mileage, that you can afford the running of and the yearly costs associated with maintaining it, that it can comfortably fit your family/number of people, and that it’s in fine working order, etc.

As it can be difficult to know exactly what we want in certain aspects of our life – usually we can be vague by just saying ‘I want to happy’, ‘I want to have more money’, ‘I want a better job’, or ‘I want a partner’ – write down what you don’t want. The opposite could be used for your specifics. This can help to start off your request with a clear focus to kick-start your Law of Attraction exercises in the right way.

For example, if you want a better job but don’t want more responsibility, include details such as the salary bracket, the tasks you would be carrying out, that you have a great boss (!), the hours you’d be working, the maximum length commute you’d be happy with, etc.

Once you get started, don’t limit yourself. Let requesting become a regular part of your life. It’s a nice habit to have. Being positive about what is possible and what you want in your life is very empowering and therapeutic and helps to maintain a positive mindset. You will more often than not be operating with a ‘glass half full’ and ‘feeling optimistic’ frequency, which can only bring more good into your life.

The only limits are your thoughts, beliefs, and imagination. Great things happen to people every day, so why can’t this be you?

Just to note that a request is not a ‘wish’, as this emits hoping it will happen but there’s also an element of doubt that it’s not really possible, or a ‘demand’, as this comes from the ego and not for the higher good or from a positive frequency, which is what we are aiming for.

2. FEEL As Though What You Desire Is Already In Your Life

How will it feel to have love in your life, be financially abundant, have that promotion, own whatever it is you desire?

Law of Attraction Exercises with Examples

For example, will it be contentment and happiness from being in a relationship? Will it be relief and feeling stress free from a financial gain? Will it be achievement and self-worth from a more fulfilling job or promotion?

Connect with these feelings if you have felt them before. Or imagine how you will feel mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically, and then become in tune with these feelings.

How to FEEL that your Law of Attraction order has already arrived?

Connect with the feelings of happiness, contentment, security, achievement, self-worth, etc. that you would feel if your desires were already real.

This enables vibrational alignment with what you are seeking. A high vibration means you are in touch with your higher self. The higher your vibration, the more you will feel empowered, have a clearer mind, feel calmer and more loving, and have an increased sense of self awareness and happiness.

This means that you won’t be as easily sucked into friendship/family/relationship dramas, general negativity, toxic people and those who drain your energy, and those who make you doubt your self-worth or abilities, etc.

Anything that weakens your thoughts, beliefs, and actions regarding what you want to manifest is what we’re trying to eliminate here. If you subconsciously feel it is never going to happen, or that money is associated with greed, or wondering whether you are attractive enough to attract a dream partner, or that you need to work long hours for years to get what you want, then it will be much harder for you to manifest your desires.

Remove all negative and toxic thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, and people that weaken your dream life becoming a reality.

Feeling as though your dream life is already a reality involves removing any awareness of what we ‘haven’t got’, eradicating feelings of ‘lack’ in our life, and taking away the yearnings of ‘needing’ our desires.

The overriding emotions are one of the main reasons why we want our request – so that you feel happy, grounded, accomplished, free from worry, etc. Therefore, it’s a very important part of the process to actually harness the Law of Attraction in your life, as the Law of Attraction matches what you think, feel, and believe by definition.

This is ‘like attracting like’. This is how the Law of Attraction works.

When we recognize the feelings, connecting to these should be carried out on a regular basis each day. The sooner we feel these feelings and repeat regularly, the faster our dreams will come true!

For example, the best way to start is when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep. Then, once you start to get comfortable practicing this, embrace these feelings during the rest of the day as much as you can. Live, feel, breathe these feelings and emotions as much as possible.

Practice your goal-affirming beliefs every day as much as you can so your feelings are in tune with what it will actually feel like to achieve your goals.

3. BELIEVE What You Want Will Happen

As well as feeling that you have your request already, BELIEVE it will happen. This may sound simple, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of having thoughts of negativity and doubt, wondering when it will happen, and questioning whether you’re worthy/deserving of what you want.

Don’t let limiting beliefs stand in your way. Don’t allow your thoughts to make you doubt that you can achieve your desires, dreams or goals.

When this does happen, as it’s only natural because we are human, attempt to understand what is causing these doubts:

Is it because you think you don’t deserve it?
Is it because you think ‘nothing good ever happens to me?’
Is it because you believe everything has to be perfect for you to receive what you desire?
Is it because you believe you have to work hard and strive hard to be successful?
Is it because you think it’s greedy to want to be more financially abundant?
Is it because you think someone else will have to go without so you can receive what you want?
Is it because you don’t think what you want exists, such as a perfect relationship?

(Remember that nothing in life is perfect, but situations and people can still make us happy and content.)

If you believe it, you will act like it has already happened. Live as if it is part of your life now.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money or a lot of time, it’s just an act that shows you are ready and prepared for whatever you’ve asked for to come into your life.

For example, if you want to be financially abundant, have money on you so you think you can afford something you would like to buy. Therefore, you are eliminating any thoughts of a lack of money or reinforcing ‘I can’t afford to buy that’. We are aiming for the opposite. By the way, this doesn’t mean spending lots of money and getting into debt. It is all about knowing that you could afford to buy the product if you wanted to at that moment in time.

Another example, if you want to be in a relationship, make room for them in your home so there is space for their clothes, toiletries, a spare toothbrush, etc. Also, own the outfits you would wear on your dates, going away together, and visiting friends and family. These are just little things that show you are ready for a new person to come into your life.

A third example, If you want a new job/promotion pick out the outfit you will wear, the shoes, the bag, and check out the route you will take on your commute and imagine driving/walking/taking the bus along this route as if it is already a part of your daily routine.

How to BELIEVE that your Law of Attraction order has already arrived?

Make room for what you want in your life, whether that be in your heart, your house, or time to accommodate what you want in your life.

When you exude faith, trust, and belief that what you desire is possible, inside you will feel warm, excited, and have amazing feelings. Such as when the guy you fancied asked you out (butterflies), or when you got that job (self-worth), or when life, in general, seemed to be working with you because the stars were aligned, or when you felt that you were in sync with the Universe because of how things worked out, or that you felt fate had intervened to make something completely amazing but random happen, or when chance coincidences occurred to make your day/life easier.

When this happens, you feel that nothing can stop you, you trust your gut, and you know that your dream life is achievable.

Feel and believe that your desire is already a part of your life. Have an open mind about how it will happen, when it will happen, and what it will look like when it has happened. Don’t set too many conditions about it happening in one particular way or specifications about the circumstances around it manifesting.

Belief is paramount to acquiring what you want in life. So, don’t worry that you’re not in your dream relationship yet, believe that you will. In the meantime, use the time to be involved with your hobbies, spend time with friends and family, and get to know yourself better about what you like and, just as importantly, what you don’t like. This way, you become independent, have great self-esteem, and know your boundaries when your perfect partner does show up.

4. Visualize Using Your Imagination and/or Vision Board

You can use a vision board as described below to assist in seeing yourself living your dreams, but your imagination is just as powerful. See the images in vivid Technicolor, feel the feelings that would be associated, and use all of your senses – sight, smell, touch, sound – to experience what your life will be like.

Visualize Using Your Vision Board

This can be also be carried out as though you’re on the outside looking in. What will you and your partner look like? What will your dream house look like from passers-by? Imagine you living your dream life from a third-party perspective. Imagine showing family and friends pictures of your dream family life.

Anything that shows you living your life as you want it to be from the outside is another effective way of visualizing your manifestation desires.

For example, if you are with the love of your life on a date or on vacation, what will you do? Where will you go? Imagine walking along side by side holding hands, laughing together, feel the closeness between you.

What you imagine should evoke positive and content feelings. Any doubts that arise, let them go. Put your request out there and leave it to the Universe to deliver.

Alternatively, vision boards are ‘pictorial depictions’ of what you want your life to look like. Think of it as a montage or collage you may have created when you were younger. A vision board / dream board is an excellent tool to help manifest the life you want.

You can create this using a physical board or book, or a virtual board that you can create on websites such as Pinterest.

Select pictures, words, and quotes that symbolize your dream life and pin them to your board or stick them in a scrapbook.

Examples: If you want a dream house, pick pictures of the exterior, the size of the pool, the interior, styles of the rooms, examples of the types of furnishings you would like, and what the décor would look like, etc.

If you want to attract a partner, choose pictures of happy couples spending time together being happy, romantic, and loving – how you would feel in a relationship. Don’t worry about finding pictures of what you think you want your soulmate to look like exactly (height, vague colorings, build are okay), because it’s the feelings of security and happiness and contentment, along with the lifestyle associated that you want to picture.

If you want to travel, find pictures of your dream travel destinations – the more, the better, so you can visualize and feel being there. If you can include pictures with other people enjoying the experience, this can help to envisage that you are there also.

If you would like to be richer, select images of a way of life and standard of living you could achieve by being more financially abundant. This could include a house, a car, images of outfits and accessories, a boat… The possibilities are endless.

Also, select text and Motivational Quotes that represent your inner beliefs, inspire a positive mindset, and focus to assist your Law of Attraction journey.

Make sure the board or scrapbook is somewhere you can see it each day to reinforce your belief and visual perception of your goals. You do not want to put it away so it never sees the light of day again, or in a spare room gathering dust, or on an online account that you rarely look at.

Check it daily when you have a few minutes as this will help you to visualize what you want in your life very easily.

5. Use Affirmations Regularly

Choose Law of Attraction Affirmations that resonate with you and what you would like to manifest in your life and repeat them regularly.

Law of Attraction affirmations offer powerful positive statements declaring what you would like to bring about in your life. Spoken in the present tense on a regular basis, these assertions can be an empowering and effective way to manifest your dreams into reality.

Use Law of Attraction affirmations if you want to start your day with optimism, enthusiasm, and confidence, or if you want to bring about a more positive mindset, or if you would like a short mantra to help achieve your goal.

Law of Attraction Daily Affirmations:

I value money and am attracting more and more of it into my life
I attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance easily into my life
I attract positive circumstances and positive people into my life
I believe in my ability to attract my soulmate
I am worthy of a loving, positive, and secure relationship
I am ready to attract my soulmate into my life
I am open and ready to attract abundance into my life

6. Use Brainwave Entrainment To Higher Your Vibration

All of us operate at energy levels vibrating at different frequencies. At low vibrations, we will experience worry, apprehension, low spirits, unhappiness, instability, negativity, and fear. A high vibration is connected to serenity, positivity, contentment, love, kindness, feeling centered and grounded, and having courage and confidence.

How to raise your vibration can easily be developed by using Brainwave Entrainment, which is a scientifically proven tool to enable our brain to adapt and operate on a higher vibration level. When your vibration is high, you have improved clarity of mind, you can master your emotions, and your physical self feels lighter. This, in turn, enables you to tune into your higher self to attract and manifest what you desire in life.

7. Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness means to focus on the present moment, being fully in the here and now. Not dwelling on the past, not worrying about the future, but being aware of what you are doing and where you are at this moment in time.

Mindfulness allows you to observe our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical state of being in the present moment. Therefore, it simplifies things because you can just enjoy the now.

Society teaches us that we should be getting as much done as possible all the time; consequently, mindfulness is a gift that we don’t give to ourselves much. But this can lead to burnout, stress, health problems, and lower productivity.

Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere and at any time, as well as sitting with your eyes closed, whereas meditation is usually carried out sitting comfortably for a set period of time.

As our minds can wander even when we are busy going about our daily business, mindfulness can be applied in any situation because it is simply being fully aware of what you are doing that split second.

For example, start with a few minutes each day when you can relax and focus on your breathing. Try not to think about anything – which can be difficult initially – but let any thoughts come and go, don’t try to force them out of your mind and don’t engage your brain by concentrating on them.

Once you start, it will get easier, and you’ll be able to practice mindfulness for longer periods.

Regular mindfulness practice will help you reach peace of mind and well-being and achieve a greater focus and a more positive outlook on life. All of these are important when carrying out Law of Attraction Exercises.

8. Create Opportunities

Take proactive steps to achieve your dreams. Unfortunately, what we want won’t just knock on our door or land in our lap (unless we are very lucky). We do have to put our foot in the right direction.

What are you putting into place so your goal becomes a reality? What steps are you taking to manifest your dream life? Are you ready to grab the opportunities that come your way? Are you prepared so that the new person, new job, dream house, family life, or business opportunity can fit seamlessly into your life and schedule?

For example, expand your social circle or try visiting new places to increase the chances of meeting someone new so a relationship can become a reality. Being a workaholic or spending a lot of time at home probably won’t allow your dream partner into your life.

Another example, if you want to set up your own business, learn as much as you can and go to networking events so you meet like-minded people who could provide advice and information or be contacts in the future.

9. Talk To Supportive People About Your Dreams

Another way to reinforce your dreams is to talk to those around you who are positive, support you in your plans and goals, and have an appreciation of the Law of Attraction – or at least that we can create our own destiny with belief and positivity.

Examples: Speak to other single friends/colleagues/family members about what you want in your relationship. A friend who is going through a divorce may not be in the right mindset to be enthusiastic about your future partner and what you want your relationship to look like.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, mix with others who have the same aspirations so you can bounce ideas of each other, be creative with, or learn from.

If you want to have family and children, talk and interact with others who are at the same stage in life who fill you with the aspiration and positivity you need.

Spend time with people who have the same goals as you and, if possible, those who believe in the power of the Law of Attraction. You will exchange positive energy and support each other.

10. Show Gratitude

​Be grateful and express thanks for the positive things you already have in your life, as this will attract more of the same.

You increase the opportunities for similar people, situations, and occurrences being repeated in your life if you embrace a feeling of honest and genuine appreciation for everything around you currently. This way, you are telling the Universe what your priorities are.

When you pay attention to circumstances, people, and where you find yourself at this stage of your life – good or bad – these will grow, increase, and multiply. So focus on the positive of what you have and want more of in your life.

For example, before going to sleep each night, either think about or write down 5 things which you’re grateful for, either in life in general or what has happened during that day.

Another example of expressing gratitude is by using Law of Attraction affirmations, such as the following:

I am grateful for the abundance of love in my life
I am grateful for my loving and supportive family
I am thankful for the beautiful place where I live
I am appreciative of the kind, loyal, and dependable friends in my life
I am grateful for my talents, skills, and achievements

Additional examples that you can apply at the appropriate time in situ are thanking the ‘car park fairies’ for the parking space that has appeared just when you needed it; for being able to afford a, b, and c; for the (insert person’s name) today who has made my life easier; for having the time to spend with friends/family today; and so on.

But sometimes, being grateful may not come easy, especially if you’re going through a bad patch or when things haven’t worked out how you’d planned.

Affirmations are a great way to get you back on track. They are simple yet effective when part of your subconscious. All you need to do is read and feel gratitude affirmations to assist in shifting your energy and any mental blocks and giving focus on what you want more of in your life.

It’s not a case of ignoring or not acknowledging what is going on in your life – both the good and the bad – it’s more of a case of thinking ‘this too shall pass’ or asking yourself, ‘Will it matter in a year’s time?’ (If not, then please don’t spend any more time worrying about it), and knowing that time is a great healer.

Knowing that you can create a different future and destiny for yourself is empowering and exciting. You don’t need to rely on anyone else for this to happen. It is all within you. You have the power to choose what you focus on – because that is what you will receive more of.

11. Have Fun

Don’t forget to have fun. This isn’t supposed to be a chore or daily ritual you have to ‘force’ into your busy schedule. Make it part of your routine in a joyous, positive way.

Call it day dreaming, using your imagination, planning for the future – whatever fits for you, but feel good about it and utilize the Law of Attraction exercises detailed here to connect to your feelings, raise your vibration, and be clear about your goals and dreams.


12. Let Go of HOW or WHEN it WILL Happen

The Universe moves in mysterious ways, so you must believe in divine timing and that everything will happen when it is meant to. You can’t force it, so let the Universe do its own thing when the time is right.

For example, don’t dwell on the fact that you were still single when you asked for a new romance 6 weeks ago. DO NOT get obsessed about it or doubt it will happen. Just carry on spending time with friends and family, be absorbed with your interests, connect with nature, keep positive, don’t chop and change what you want, be excited about your request manifesting, and keep reinforcing your power and belief with these Law of Attraction exercises.

DO NOT worry about it not happening.
DO NOT get obsessed about how it will happen.

Let go, have faith it will happen, then get on with your life.

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