Activate Your Higher Mind for Abundance

Our modern way of life multiplies excessively the solicitations, the possibilities of distraction, the interruptions of our attention. We are often only half in what we are doing, and our mind is more and more scattered. Mindfulness meditation consists of stopping to act or to think to observe what is happening within us, without trying to modify it: our breathing, thoughts, and sounds surrounding us. By functioning “training of the mind” to remain in the continuity of meditative experience, it is an antidote to this current tendency to satisfy our impulses and the fragmentation of attention immediately.

Mindfulness meditation consists in being attentive to what is happening in the present, in and around you, without judgment or reaction. This awareness of the moment promotes a calmer mental state that can reduce stress levels and improve quality of life.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation consists of focusing on the present moment. It is about listening, feeling, “what is happening inside of you, your sensations, your emotions, your thoughts in relation to what is happening outside of you: the sounds heard, the smells felt …” Meditation allows access to the state of full consciousness. It frees the mind from its incessant thoughts to refocus on the present moment. “The state of meditation is the moment when one is refocused on the essential. Meditation is a form of introspection” underlines the therapist.

“On what is happening here and now, without judgment or reaction,” explains Clélia Félix

Indications and benefits

The greatest benefit of mindfulness meditation is to fully enjoy life. To leave the automatisms, the mental preoccupations which make us live disconnected from the moment. It is to make oneself available to what life offers us” defines the therapist. This discipline, which the Anglo-Saxons call Mindfulness, has many beneficial effects on health:

  • reduction of stress.
  • improvement of the quality of life by being more present at the moment.
  • the gain in clarity of mind allows to better apprehend the problems.
  • reduction of anxiety.
  • Improvement of sleep.
  • improvement of attention disorders, productivity by going more to the essential.
  • tool for managing suffering, headaches, physical, mental, and emotional pain.
  • control of one’s emotions.
  • development of creativity.

Simple exercises to practice mindfulness meditation

Stop and just be aware of what you are doing… even if it is taking a shower or washing the dishes.
While eating, play at rediscovering textures, flavors, scents, etc. And this, with all our senses.
Observe our breathing and concentrate on it instead of rushing to our phone or grumbling when waiting in line.
Noticing how we feel instead of reacting (or even overreacting) to an upset.
Accepting the various emotions that come over us, being able to name them, but not holding on to them.


Tony Robbins – I am the Voice Affirmation

Why i made the video,
I have that voice at the back of my head at times, that tells me to hold back, or I am not following a leader, so how can I be right, I summarized Tony Robbins Video to help me with this and hopefully this will help you too.
I am the Voice Affirmation by Tony Robbins
My personal note on affirmations:
Affirmations should be done with intense feelings, go over your affirmations as you are jogging or doing some sort of physical exercise, as Tony says “Feel It in your body”

Say it loud, Say it proud… LIVE IT UP!

Tony Robbins - I am the Voice Affirmation“Now I am the voice 
I will lead not follow
I will believe not doubt
I will create not destroy
I am a force for good
I am a leader
Defy the odds
Set a new standard
Step up ~ Step up ~ Step up”

I am SO ready to STEP UP, play FULL OUT and not be Distracted.

Tony Robbins positive affirmations

In this powerful video, the Law of Attraction expert Tony Robbins offers an amazing money affirmation that you can use to help you begin changing your mindset into one of wealth, prosperity, and abundance! Try your best to repeat these daily with Emotion and Enthusiasm, claim your Wealth!
Here are the Powerful Affirmations to Repeat

Tony Robbins positive affirmations

God’s Wealth is Circulating in my life,
His wealth flows to me in avalanche’s of abundance,
All my needs, desires and goals are met instantaneously, by Infinite Intelligence,
For I AM one with God and God is Everything!
REPEAT these Affirmations to help your subconscious mind attract a more prosperous life and increase your abundance frequency, to help you manifest wealth and attract money right now! It is recommended to listen to this every day so it completely reprograms your brain for a MONEY MAKING Mindset. When you begin to have a money making mindset, you’ll be able to recognize money making ideas immediately wherever you go! This is because you will be in that Higher Conscious Vibration for the flow of money to come into your life!
Can be listened to with or without Headphones (but highly recommended due to the Binaural Beats!)
This video uses Powerful Binaural Beats messages for Money making, Wealth and Power!
Here are some of the affirmations included in the subliminals and binaural beats:
You are a powerful person
I am a powerful person
You will succeed in everything you do
I will succeed in everything I do
You are a motivated person
I am motivated person
You are motivated to make money
I am motivated to make money
You are the best at what you do
I am the best at what I do
You are a strong minded person
I am a strong minded person
You are a powerful person
I am a powerful person
You are full of positive energy
I am full of positive energy
If you work hard you will succeed
If I work hard I will succeed
You are a confident person that can achieve anything
I am a confident person that can achieve anything
You are a motivated person
I am a motivated person
You can focus easily
I can focus easily
You are full of energy
I am full of energy
You are a strong minded person
I am a strong minded person
You are full of confidence
I am full of confidence
You are a confident person
I am a confident person
You will be the best
I will be the best
You are the best
I am the best
You can do anything because you are highly motivated
I can do anything because I am highly motivated
You will make lots of money
I will make lots of money
Be aware of how powerful your mind is
You have full belief in yourself and your abilities
I have full belief in myself and my abilities
You will become rich because you are a powerful person
I will become rich because I am a powerful person
You can achieve anything you set your mind to
I can achieve anything I set my mind to
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