5 Keys to Using The Law of Attraction for Money Success


Many people are challenged when using the law of attraction to attract more money and improve their financial situation.
Some appear to have no real problem with simply overcoming that challenge and succeeding.
Some never ever succeed, despite the fact that they struggle very hard.

Why is this?

What are the differences between those who succeed and those who fail?
If you are one who finds it hard to succeed using the law of attraction for money, how do you join the group that will succeed?
It’s not hard, but it does require some effort on your part.

So how about you?
Do you really choose to win by using the law of attraction to attract more money and feel secure?

Then you certainly should find out what are the important keys to unlocking the door to the successful use of the law of attraction. Put simply, you should increase your knowledge. One of the best tools for this is the 11 forgotten laws and the five keys below.
Here are five keys to help you succeed at using the law of attraction to attract more money:


1. Get Curious About Your Beliefs on Money.

Why might this make a difference when using the law of attraction?
You need to make your (unconscious) beliefs, your fears, your doubts, your patterns, your limitations conscious so you can deal with them.
If you approach this not from guilt and fear, but out of curiosity and a willingness to explore, you lessen the stress, the guilt, and the shame that may be preventing you from really examining your beliefs, and taking action to transform them into more empowering ones.

All right, let’s say I follow this recommendation, what results can I expect?

If you want to use the law of attraction to change your finances, you need to change the way you think and create a new mindset about money and abundance.
And in order to change your mindset, you need to know what it is right now and transform it into what you would like to be instead.
Remember, your beliefs run the show and really dictate your level of success with anything you do, including your financial success. So dig deep and be honest with yourself!

2. Find Your Interests and Passion.

It often surprises me when I ask some clients: “What would you really love to do in order to attract more money?”
They simply don’t know.

Because they have not given themselves permission to find out or even explore their options!
This is tied to their limiting beliefs.
So, go ahead and ask yourself:

“What would I love to do to attract or create more money into my life?”

“How would I feel if I had more money in my life?”

Wouldn’t it be better if we did something we were interested in doing rather than something that we resented?

Wouldn’t that lessen our inner conflict?

Wouldn’t that create a different and higher vibration? A more attractive one?

So having gotten in touch with what you are really interested in doing to attract more money, how can you get passionate about it?

Remember your feelings – your passion – is the fuel that drives you.

Are you passionate enough to begin to change your inner landscape around money?
Are you passionate enough to create a new plan to transform your financial situation?
Are you passionate enough to create and install new empowering beliefs in your consciousness?

Using The Law of Attraction for Money Success

3. Being Aligned.

You need to be 100% aligned consciously and unconsciously with what you want and desire.
You can’t have conflicting beliefs and expect positive results.
Find ways to resolve your inner conflicts about money.
Many people struggle with using the law of attraction to attract more money not because they ask for too much, but because they expect and accept too little!
Again, this is driven by beliefs!
Isn’t time to change them to something better?

4. Modeling Successful People.

Why is this critical?
It is best to be inspired and learn from those who you really see as being successful, in the way you define success, rather than take notice, listen to or follow those who are not.
People who are successful have a tendency to think differently about money. They see opportunities, where many others don’t. They also tend to have a strong belief in their capacity and take action.
So find some people who inspire you and study their attitudes and behaviors.
You will also find that many of them know that they add value to society with what they do. They, in their own way, serve. And, according to the law of attraction, they get rewarded, again according to their capacity and karma.

5. Taking Right Action.

So, what is the main plus factor with this?
If you break down the word “attraction” you will find the word “action” is right there. OMG!
Many people think that by just focusing on what you want, it will (hopefully!) just appear!
Well, it might, but you need to prepare the field first. You have to do your part and the universe will deliver.
By taking the right action to move towards your vision of what you want to achieve, in this case, more financial security.
Reminds me of an old Sufi (I think!) saying I came across sometime ago:
“Trust God that your camels won’t run away at night, but tie them up first!” 🙂
To have good results with using the law of attraction for money, apply the 5 keys above and enjoy the rewards!

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