7 Main Universal Laws

There are seven universal laws by which all things in the universe are governed. Because of these laws, the universe is able to exist in perfect harmony. Once you understand these laws and apply yourself, you’ll experience a type of transformation in every area of your life.

The First Three Universal Laws

The first three universal laws are immutable, which means they’re absolute and can’t be changed. They have always and will forever exist. The remaining four laws are transitory, which means they can be used to create your ideal reality.

The law of mentalism is immutable. This law tells us that the whole thing in our body has its foundation withinside the intellectual realm. This law shows us that the universal mind can be used to manifest our desires.

The law of correspondence: this law shows us that there are correspondence and harmony between spiritual, physical, and mental realms. There’s no separation because everything in the universe originates from one source.

The law of vibration: This law tells us that everything vibrates and moves, nothing rests. This law shows us that the entire universe is a vibration. Everything in the universe is pure energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Everything experienced with the senses is conveyed through a vibration. Thoughts and emotions are also vibrations.

Four Laws: Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect and Gender

The law of polarity: this law shows us that everything has its pair of opposites, everything is dual. This law means that there are two sides to everything. Two things that appear to be opposites may in fact be two extremes of the same thing. This law can apply to love and hate. A person can transform their thoughts from love to hate by raising their vibrations.

The law of rhythm: this law explains that everything flows in and out, everything rises and falls. This principle can be seen in business cycles, in the rise and fall of empires or the swaying of a person’s thoughts from negative to positive.

The law of cause and effect: this law tells us that everything has a cause and effect. Everything you experience has a specific cause, which in turn has its origin in your mental world. If a person wants to be a master of their destiny, they must first master their mind for everything in their world is a mental creation.

The law of gender: this law tells us that gender is everything. Everything in the universe has feminine and masculine principles. This law is evident throughout creation. Opposite sexes are not only found in animals and humans, but also in magnetic poles, electrons, and plants. Everyone and everything contains both feminine and masculine elements. Qualities that are feminine include patience, love, and intuition. Masculine qualities include logic, energy, and self-reliance.