Abraham Hicks ~ The SECRET for Passive Income without Action

Effortless Financial Abundance
~ Eternal Abraham Hicks Wisdom ~

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Life is Joy is a sharing youtube fan channel of Abraham Hicks from her older or newer workshops. She speaks in her segments about many subjects, such as the law of attraction, a concept that you may know from the movie The Secret in which Abraham took an important role.
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On this channel you will find best materials by Esther Hicks from: relationships, money, health, vortex, meditation and law of attraction.
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  • this is a comment from a one percenter i have all the millions i ever wanted and now i am giving the knowledge to the world because there is a better way

  • Who is going to clean washrooms, pick up garbage, work in mac donald, build houses in cold and rain, take care of sick or other much more horrible jobs… if all action suppose to come from passion and we suppose to love it? Who is going to manifest doing that?

  • This guy is absolutely correct. Money doesn’t just flow to you without taking action and giving value. People that pay you for your service that is where value comes from.
    How does Esther make money? She has plenty of money. She doesn’t sit at home making money doing nothing. She is in action.
    Word salad.
    You can’t have money flowing to you if you don’t do shit for other people.

  • Mocking the one who asked a genuine question when she herself ain't able to give a straight answer. Seriously why do so many people believe this sh*tty thought that action isn't required? Yes i believe in positive thinking and yes i believe it can attract abundance. Inspired action also need to be done along with it. Like, you can't sit in your couch and manifest a million dollar home if you ain't gonna move your a** outta there.

  • "The only true value you can ever reap the reward from or experience the benefit of is the value of alignment… "

  • I have been so confused by the idea of "adding value" to other people, which seems to be the most prominent theory of most LOA gurus nowadays! Their premise appears to be "I have to pimp myself out in exchange for abundance" just like a 40+ hour work week, sweating and slaving to teach other people how to manifest. This video finally explained that the kind of value I can add to everyone's physical experience and spiritual evolution is to simply release my resistance to alignment with my higher self and entering my vortex so that what I have already asked for can manifest in myriad ways. Freedom is what I really want: freedom to align with myself and to follow my inspiration to create! Thank you!

  • Nice. But, you just literally Roasted him. Hahaha… Typical non-human attitude of us. Send him some love in your meditations please…

  • It feels wrong to me to use Law of attraction to require money when we can attract so many beautiful things. Just my personal belief

  • 3 years ago I prayed and visualized 5K/month of passive income coming to me. Now I've been living it the past 2 years 5K-20K months. Aligned action? YES. Effort? Not really.

  • I have learned thru out my life that if you want something, it is very easy to get it. I have found out that if I think about what I want & basically go on about life. It will come to me on it's own in due time. Money comes to me when I need it. Friendship & love have come to me. Even people leaving my life has happened, so that I can be who I am meant to be. All you need is patience. And try not to resist what needs to be done to get you were you need to be. Listen to your intuition. You will be put on the right path to get to what you want or where you want to go. Life is wonderful! Enjoy it to the fullest! ??

  • I LOVE Abraham so so so much! My life has changed SO MUCH since I've started doing what they tell. Abraham are talking about Inspired Action. Mine was to go to my homecountry where I was unexpectadly given 8,000 EUR as a present by a very distant relative whose salary was only 500 EUR a month! No way I could ever imagine he could present me money, it turned out he was saving it for years just to give it to me..can you imagine that?? Also, I met a lady who listens to Abraham and she told me about the way she makes tons of money easily while she sleeps so I also joined that company who are so much into personal growth (they talk about the same things as Abraham really and used that knowledge to become really rich). If you're interested check them out here http://tidyurl.com/kzjb2e. And there I met another guy who listens to Abraham and who made so much money using only his interests!!! This is definitely not a coincidence guys!

  • I felt like I wanted to voice for Abraham here – that there's a difference between inspired action and "work"!!! Nobody feels inspired lying down on a couch 24/7. If you are watching a movie that makes your heart soar or listening to music that makes you feel so good you can't sit still – THAT is inspiring. That isn't "work" but it is definitely action that eventually becomes compound and exponentially rewarded depending on how often you're in tune to your inner being/true self/high vibration!!! ✨

  • I cannot understand this , if she really believes what she is saying why not go to hospital and help people cure/help themselves, she is charging money for this seminar?

  • What is she on about?? 🙁 blablablab no clue what she's rambling about. No calm clear explanation just agitated aggressive ramble