Abraham Hicks The Secret To Turning Vibration Into Wealth

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Abraham Hicks The Secret To Turning Vibration Into Wealth

Esther Hicks is an American inspirational speaker and author. She has co-written nine books with her husband Jerry Hicks, presented numerous workshops on the law of attraction with Abraham Hicks.

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Deborah Stewart says:

I love Abraham Hicks..she is such a beautiful being. I'm so stressed right now because I am behind 4 month's on my mortgage. So listening to this is inspiring but so stressed with my situation it's hard to tune in and be positive πŸ˜”

Stephanie Paul says:

focus affluence flow

Korenski23 says:

I literally never understand anything she talks about . It sounds like gobbley goop. But I like other teachers who were inspired by her. Somehow the way she talks makes no sense to me and I don’t know what a vortex is. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Deanna Omler says:

Woo instead of Poo! Thank you.. heehee

Donna Poole says:

I need to get a loan from a bank to buy a house .

Dallas Ivory says:


Dhandy Llamado says:

Always feels good , so you can aligned with your inner being ..Don’t live in fear , Missing page of Bible Gospel of Thomas , it’s important our THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS..Always be Dhandy (Happy) ..God Bless our generation…

eric sanchez says:

Great video

Teacher Robin says:

I like that earn with our feelings

Chanka Lalchan says:

Very beautiful speech i am feeling the vibration

Mylène Nicole Alt - Die online AufrÀumQueen says:

What does VORTEX mean?

Scott Slotterback says:

True wisdom thanks

peter kumeroa says:

Believe in source but God is absolute. Holy spirit.

Slappy White says:

as soon as i started listening to this i found $100 bills from heaven filling my pockets!! jesus is sending me cash as i type this – i'm , i'm shocked! wait, now i checked my bank account and there is a mysterious deposit from J.H.C. for $1,000!!!

Madeline Coburn says:

I AM a multi-Billionaire setting my frequency to attract more prosperity and wealth to help set captives DEBT FREE…

I feel a tingling feeling within my physical body. I’m expecting a ball of πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯of enegy, which is what I vison around me as high vibrations of energy accepted with gratitude and most of all thanksgiving.

Alberto Diniz says:

The one of the best speeches ever πŸ™β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈπŸ™ Namaste πŸ™

11 11 says:

Feel deifrent feeling creates reality manifest mater

Ronni MuΓ±oz says:


scen cosby says:

Well spoken

Chris Carter says:


Shukria Apso says:

Sometimes it feels my inner radio is set on 100 and the broadcast starts and then some invisible ahole messes with the buttons πŸ˜‚

Purpleoceangnome says:

I know how. Pretended to be a spiritual expert and sucker a bunch of morons into paying for your advice.

Laura Dean says:

I am allowing…πŸŒ€

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