Activate Your Higher Mind for Abundance

Our modern way of life multiplies excessively the solicitations, the possibilities of distraction, the interruptions of our attention. We are often only half in what we are doing, and our mind is more and more scattered. Mindfulness meditation consists of stopping to act or to think to observe what is happening within us, without trying to modify it: our breathing, thoughts, and sounds surrounding us. By functioning “training of the mind” to remain in the continuity of meditative experience, it is an antidote to this current tendency to satisfy our impulses and the fragmentation of attention immediately.


  1. Bonjour juste de croire en quelque choses vous donne un bien être, pour ma par je pense à la force qui nous suit , partout ?

  2. C'est intéressant. Mais pourquoi certaines parties du cerveau restes sans réaction. Sommes-nous pas un toute? ? ? ?

  3. Have been using this while I study. Perfect length of time to employ Pomodoro Technique (otherwise I'll just keep going to burnout and diminishing results), and helps me stay laser focussed. Hopefully activating successful outcomes for my study efforts too! Thank you for this track, it's super helpful.

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