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Activate Your Higher Mind for Success

Activate Your Higher Mind for Success ☯ Subconscious Mind Programming ☯ Mind/Body Integration Binaural Beats #GV128 by Binaural Beats Meditation (Good Vibes)
Who doesn’t want to be Successful in this World??? We bring you this session for reprogramming your Subconscious Mind so that it will direct you to the right path of Success. Your Subconscious Mind will always be alert and you won’t miss any chance of success.
This session is strictly prohibited to people suffering from epilepsy.
Note: This session can also be used as a study aid.
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  • Go to Google and search for the global truth project and read the
    book named The Present so you will discover all the answers of the big questions of life and discover the truth of life based on evidence.

  • Such a beautiful comfortable and peaceful, I feel like I could tell anyone in here about my struggles. We all have and overcoming them is not easy. I'm struggling with anxiety and depression at a young age.. and I've kept myself away from possibilities because of that. I was blocked and scared of living and specially of people.. but it's nice to see such a positive place where everyone is because of wanting to be a better person. I also want to get there, to be the best version of me and be one who people can count on and be happy to be around, no matter what. Peace and love y'all, we are all the same just different experiences, but at the end of the day we are one.

  • If you're reading this I wish you health, happiness, and peace ever in your lifetime. ( SUCCESS IS OUR GOAL) Keep learning :*

  • You can see how important is environment now left only in komputer- taken by idiots calling goverment .-who rules against people and their needs

  • Czlowiek powinien tworzyc osrodki rekreacjjj -zachowania dziedzictwa przyrody-w naturze nie w internecie. Ale zaczyna sie od internetu!!!

  • If you are reading this. Know your soul is intended for good purpose. Forgive your mistakes and embrace your future. Notice your anxietys and do not ask for them to go away. But welcome them for they will show you who you are and who you can be when accepting them and facing them instead of running away.

    Know that losing someone close hurts, but welcomes new people into your life.

    Learn to love again

    Give chances and be kind the world is already a difficult place sometimes, don't hold on to anger and bad memories.
    Breath out toxicity
    Breathe in essential oils and well being.

    To all whom may read this.
    Be happy, your special and hard times will always pass

  • Stumbled across this video and began tuning in. Received a generous cheque in the mail the same day and additional paying clients the following day. Such radiant energy from this channel.

  • I proclaim health, prosperity,wealth and success to you and your family!!!!
    Remember you are The Capitain of your Ship and master of your Fate
    God bless you all,,,, I love you

  • My life is full of negativity. My eldest brother died few years ago, then after 6months my father died and then few months ago my mother died. I have alot of questions in my mind. like why me? why did they took away the ones i love most? why me? my parents served the church for years. but why? 🙁

    🙁 i hope this music vibe will help me 🙁

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