After This You’ll Change How You Do Everything by Tony Robbins

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After This You’ll Change How You Do Everything!
The Mindset of High Achievers – Tony Robbins

Interview thanks to Tom Bilyeu:

Speaker is Tony Robbins.

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  • someone says: "its all about emotions" – everyone loves this guy
    someone else says: "its all about actions" – everyone hates this guy

    unfortunately, reality looks different. good luck trying to find a single human being who has a billion dollars and million people who love them and is still depressed. having an intimate relationship is a fucking joke compared to how hard it is to be super efficient.

    "the richest man in the graveyard" – i have yet to see a single person being buried with their whole accomplishments. people act as if rich people take everything they own to the grave. the businesses they created, the jobs they created, the wealth they created, all of that remains in society and has an everlasting effect, while relationships merely last as long as one lifetime. all of us owe so much to einstein not for the pussy he fucked, but the job he has done.

    are emotions important? yes, for yourself. not for others though. for the whole of society all that matters is what you can accomplish. good luck trying to get happy when all you care about is your emotions. has never worked and never will, sorry. reality is a bitch.

  • These video is very good I feel more confiance that I need have the action now and be what I am. I know that I have energy for more and this is in beginning put out of me, is communication.

  • What I don't yet understand is… He says giving gives you enormous fulfillement and giving is the Secret to live. But how come then that Robin Williams was not fulfilled? He even discribes Robins life of a life full of giving. Anyone can explain? ?

  • Mastering the areasof life (peace of mind,healthrelationships,etc)
    10:00 suffering is not the same as pain. You can end suffering by stop focussing on urself and start focusing on smth u want to serve greater than urself : childre, wife ,mission,life

  • Get Over Pain Get Over Love Get Over Addiction. Get Over It. Stop Searching.
    Start Looking for The Demons inside You, Fight Them, Kill Them.
    Then the World is Yours

  • You know I’ve always said true success is happiness and time and time again I’ve found things like this that proves it unfortunately not everyone can truly be successful

  • This video is good but also dangerous.

    The good: we have the ability to change our state of being when things get rough.

    The bad: Tony talks like the only way having more money can be an answer to someone's life is if it solves every problem a person has, even though money isn't supposed to do that. Its supposed to solve problems that come with financial issues. This view that Tony portrays only encourages people to think they shouldn't have to get a lot of money, which is poor influence because money satisfies the desire to retire and be free from work and do what you want when you want, which is what human beings crave.

    "Money isn't the answer", it sure hell is the answer for couples who are stressed and unhappy because they don't have enough money to be free from work and do whatever they want to do.

    All it means if people are rich and aren't happy is that, one, they pursed money for the wrong reason(s). Or two, they still have more things that they care about fulfilling (because people care about multiple things). These thing though don't take away the fact that money plays an extremely important roll in life.

    I'm very surprised that Tony thinks money is not an answer.

  • I learned that I should share this around, and listen more to your videos. I'm so so glad watching this video was the first thing I did when waking up, I feel beautiful and peaceful, thank you once more❤️

  • There's nothing in the future and there's nothing in the past.

    There's only this one moment, and we gotta make it last.

  • Don't be afraid of being poor, be afraid of not living. Also, damn.. Tony Robbins is a wise dude.