Bob Proctor – How To Stop Negative Thinking (Law of Attraction Seminar)


“Life is either a series of endings or a series of beginning”

Discover how to stop focusing on the past in this classic Bob Proctor law of attraction seminar. Subscribe for more motivational Bob Proctor videos and seminars!


  1. is there any way i can find this relaxation tape?? i have massive headaches, i keep them under control with medication and i am pain free while i am on meds but if i skip my pills for several days, the headaches are back and strong.

  2. this man is a liar ! I gave so much, homes, cars, money , opportunity. I gave my life and now I lost everything. I lost all my money, my homes everything. if you give you lose, I lost all. this philosophy is bible principled, it is all a lie. why am I not getting ? people always call me to ask, not one person in my life ever called me to offer money, a car, a home, an opportunity ….they always ask. giving you will lose all

  3. Watching this today on Father’s Day as I speak with my older half sibling about how our father has always treated us… and how we as adults still only want a relationship with him. There are no coincidences. I’m so grateful for growth and the ability to let go.. If he ever decides I will be thankful, if he doesn’t I’m still grateful.. Thank you Bob.. 6-17-2018

  4. Thank You Bob Proctor! Wise words and well said. Love the giving missive. So important to give 🙂 I feel so blessed today seeing this message! You raised me up ❤❤❤ Faith~Hope&Love to you Bob ~

  5. The POWER is AMAZING when your open your eyes for the first time …. touching the surface of understanding this…. its so hard hard to sleep now my mined has been closed for so long and i see so much now… Hi i'm Kelly

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