Bob Proctor – LAW OF ATTRACTION (is this holding you back?)

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Bob Proctor and the law of attraction. Have you ever wondered what is blocking your manifestation? Why is it that when i want something the universe gives me more of the same? Well, watch this eye opening video for a clearer understanding 🙂

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Manifest Yourself says:

Thanks for watching everyone!

Joydeep Ghosh says:

Good one. Much appreciated!!

Masti Vines says:

No BS explanation!!

garry G Ballard says:

Good one 👍 right on 🎯

dr chi yea says:

I am seeing all angel number + 1221-1441-1551-1661-1771-1001—1331 like this type of number can you tell reason for seeing this type of number?

Marina Dee says:

Love Bob! He’s a living legend! Aloha ❤️ from Hawaii! May God bless you and fam always ❤️❤️❤️ tysm @manifestyourself
Too funny it talks about Hawaii! Have a super day! Woohooo

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