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Brian Tracy: 5 Common Myths About Setting Goals

Brian Tracy, world-renowned personal development coach, explains the common myths or misunderstandings about setting goals. To learn more about how to set effective goals and get results, you can download Brian’s FREE report on proven goal-setting techniques.
“Did you know that only three percent of adults have clear written measurable time bounded goals and plans to achieve them? And by every statistic these three percent accomplished ten times as much as people with no goals at all. Now why is it then that most people have no goals? If you earn ten times as much with goals, if you have ten times as much success with goals, why don’t people all have goals?
“There are five myths about setting goals and objectives that might help you rethink your decisions about not setting goals for yourself.
The first myth is, ‘I already have goals, I don’t need to set any.’ People who say this also say that their goals are, ‘I want to be rich. I want to be thin, I want to be happy and successful and popular and live my dreams. But these are not goals. These are wishes and fantasies common to all mankind… A goal on the other hand is like a beautiful home, carefully designed, upgraded continually, improved regularly, and worked on constantly. If it’s not in writing it’s merely a dream or a wish. And we say that a goal that is not in writing is a wish with no energy behind it.

“The second most common myth that people don’t set goals is, ‘I don’t need goals. I’m doing fine.’ Living your life without goals and objectives is like setting off across an unknown country with no road signs and no road map. But you have no choice then but to make it up as you go along, reacting and respondeing to whatever happens all day, all week, all month and then just hoping for the best… It is vital to have goals in every part of your life.
“Myth number three about goal setting is, ‘I don’t need written goals. I have them all in my mind.’ Now the average stream of consciousness includes about 1,500 thoughts or words a minute race through your mind like a river. If your goals are only in your mind, they’re invariably jumbled up, vague, confused, contradictory and deficient in many ways. If your goal is just tumbling around in your mind, they offer no clarity and they give you no motive power.
“The fourth most common myth is, ‘I don’t know how to set goals…’ Setting a goal is a skill like time management or teaching or selling or managing or even riding a bicycle–anything else that you need to become a highly productive person. And all skills are learnable…. What others heav learned, you can learn as well.
“The final myth that people use not to set goals is, ‘Goals don’t work. Life is too unpredictable.’ Well here’s an analogy. When a plane takes off for a distant city, it will be off course 99% of the time the complexity of the avionics and the skill of the pilots are focused on continual course corrections. Now it’s the same in life. But when you have a clear long-term goal, the specific plans to achieve it, you may have to change course many times, and you will, but you will eventually arrive at your destination–of health, of wealth and great success.

“You have two choices in life: you can either work on your own goals or you can work for someone else and work on achieving their goals. When you learn how to set goals for yourself, you take complete control of your life and jump to the front of the line in your potential for great achievement.”
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