00:00 Hello, Abraham, my name is Mark yeah and I knew I’d be called first and what I want to talk about is untuned in [More]
BobProctor  ParadigmShift 00:00 Two things you want to know is you’re going to create wealth and don’t be caught up in this catch when money’s, [More]
Bob Proctor, of the Secret, shares his inspirational gifts at the 3rd Annual MDC Convention! I love that we have a company that vibrates at [More]
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Ovi Vasquez went from a farmboy raised in a poor village in the sugarcane fields of Central America, to being accepted to Harvard Business School, [More]
Today’s video is about the Law of Prosperity, as explained by Florence Scovel Shinn’s in her book Game of Life & How to Play It. [More]
Bob Proctor and the law of attraction. Have you ever wondered what is blocking your manifestation? Why is it that when i want something the [More]
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