Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality (Christie Sheldon)

Christie Marie Sheldon, an energy healer, presents a talk on how to change one’s frequency to change reality. Christie is a unique healer in that she specializes in healing a person’s ‘wealth’ energy field, finding areas where they have blocks in their ability to attract the financial success and abundance that they aspire to and then releasing those blocks.

In the video, Christie refers to the work by David R. Hawkins MD Ph.D. and his work Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour. Through two decades of research using kinesiology, Dr. Hawkins discovered “a means of calibrating a scale of relative truth by which intellectual positions, statements or ideologies could be rated a range of one to one thousand. One can ask, “This item (book, philosophy, teacher) calibrates at 200 (Y/N?) at 250 (Y/N?),” and so on, until the point of (6) common weak response determines the calibration.”

“Through 20 years of similar calibrations, Hawkins was able to analyze the full spectrum of the levels of human consciousness, developing a fascinating map of the geography of man’s experience. This “anatomy of consciousness” produces a profile of the entire human condition, allowing a comprehensive analysis of the emotional and spiritual development of individuals, societies, and the race in general.” (quotes taken from the book, Power vs. Force)

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