Do THIS to Raise Your Frequency ⚡️ Bob Proctor

Do THIS to move to a higher frequency…

You see, the paradigm is like a person that’s inside of you, constantly talking to you, but is against you…(Can you relate?)

“You don’t have the money. You don’t know-how. You’re wasting your time. It’s not the right time…”

☝THAT is what the Paradigm does to you☝

I want to ask you, WHAT do you really want? Everyone will have doubts when achieving goals, but when you get a hold of your paradigms and study these principles, everything in your life can change. You will still come across doubts, but you’ll know the difference between the REAL you, and the Paradigm.



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  • The future must become the present. Imagination must center itself in some state of reality and view the world from this state of reality. Vision into being. You have to consent, I cannot take you there, but you can go there.