EFT: Clearing Your Fear of Success (Carol Look)

EFT Master Carol Look leads a tapping session to help anyone clear their fear of success. Most people are not even consciously aware that they keep themselves from having success, be it in business or personal life, because there is an underlying fear of a negative consequence. Thus, they repeatedly manifest self-sabotaging behavior to avoid having to experience this feared outcome. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a healing method that helps clear the energy meridians of limiting belief patterns and build a new “prosperity consciousness.” Carol combines her classical training in traditional psychotherapy with energy healing methods to bring about incredible results to her clients worldwide. Learn more about Carol Look and her work by visiting AttractAbundanceNow.com.
“Why would you be afraid of success? What would be the downside of you getting the success that you want? So see if you can picture what you want in your life, whether it’s professional success or personal success, financial abundance, picture it and see if you could feel fear. Why would you be afraid? What would be the downside of actually getting that? Because when there’s a downside when we perceive something negative then we sabotage ourselves. So we run around telling everyone that we want to be successful but we keep getting in our own way. So fear of success is a huge block for thousands of people, and all the people that come to my workshops are trying to clear it because they’ve tried muscling through it and that doesn’t work. So you need an energy system, an energy technique such as EFT to clear that out of your thought process and your electricity in your body and mind.”