EFT Tapping – Do I Deserve it?  Video by Brad Yates.

This week I have experienced a few ups and downs and decided to do some clearing today specifically about the subject of ‘do I deserve’ or ‘am I deserving’.  I consider myself to be a very confident person in most areas but sometimes other peoples ‘stuff’ can easily spill over into my energy field and quite frankly, I just don’t want all that baggage in my space and it has just gotta go!  Clearing and de-cluttering both physically and mentally really needs to be on the top of our priority list if we want to keep those good vibrations flowing to manifest all those great things in our lives.

So the next time your self-esteem takes a bit of a knock or other people’s stress and insecurities filter over into your energy field and get you down a little, use this great EFT Tapping video from Brad Yates to clear some of that negative energy and get yourself back on track.

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