How to “Allow” With the Law of Attraction

When you think of “allowing” in relation to the Law of Attraction, you probably think of being in a state where you are ready to receive the things you have asked for.

This is true, but it actually goes a lot deeper than that. To allow, in fact, is to be in a state of unresistance.

You may be surprised to learn what the states of resistance are – because you may be entering into them without realizing it!

Fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, and impatience.

These states automatically place you into a place of resistance because you are doubting that the Law of Attraction will work for you, focusing more on what you don’t want, and affirming that you don’t yet have the things that will make you feel happy and content. You begin emitting a strong frequency of lack and disbelief, which the Law of Attraction must return to you in some form!

When you are in these types of mental and emotional states, you are blocking anything good from coming into your life. In order to turn it around, you need to move into a more relaxed, positive frame of mind and emotion.

Rather than worrying and obsessing about what is wrong in your life, begin focusing more on the good things surrounding you, and all the wonderful things that will be coming to you soon. You don’t have to know when they’ll arrive, just affirm that they will and you will be ready and waiting when they do.

It may be challenging to switch your focus when you get caught up in emotions like these, but it’s crucial if you want to move back into a state of allowing.

Then, focus more of your attention on purposely staying in a state of allowing. You can do this by deliberately choosing more positive thoughts and emotions, meditating, visualizing, and using affirmations.

The techniques don’t really matter except that you choose to move from a negative focus to a positive one, whatever it takes.

If you struggle to do so, find some activities that will help you! Watch a funny movie on television, or buy a DVD of your favorite sitcom episodes. Read uplifting books, and spend time with successful and dynamic people. Think about the day you got married, the first time you fell in love, the births of your children, or any moving experience from your past. Buy a book of jokes and get into the habit of reading them daily, and be sure to have a strong belly laugh.

By taking conscious control of your moods and mindset, you will be able to stay in a state of allowing much more frequently, which should help you to improve your results with the Law of Attraction.

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