How to Attract MONEY! | Law of Prosperity: The Game of Life and How to Play It | Leeor Alexandra

Today’s video is about the Law of Prosperity, as explained by Florence Scovel Shinn’s in her book Game of Life & How to Play It.

I will be covering more concepts from the book in the future, make sure to leave requests!

Life is not a battle, but a game hello.
My babies welcome back to my channel and we are like Sandra if you’re new welcome today on my channel we’re going to find out how little effort I can put into my appearance and still have you guys.
Like me, I’m just joking before we start today’s video, I want you guys to hear a short story from my friend Jenna, who has been practicing the law of attraction.
She’S, always keeping me updated with everything she manifests and I think her stories are so cool.
So I asked her to record a little video for us, and I’ve decided that if anybody else wants to contribute short videos, I would love to add them to the beginning of my own video.
So I’ll add an email address at the bottom in the description and if you want to be in my videos record a 30 second to 1 minute long.
Video of what you have successfully manifested and I will include them in the next in the following videos in future videos hey guys so Lugar wanted me to tell you how I manifest money because I do it all the time I’ve always done it.
My whole life, and when you realize it, you start doing it it’s kind of like having the cheat codes to life.
So when you want to manifest money, you just literally give thanks always always always good thanks and be thankful for every cent that you have visualized.
Each cent and say thank you for each one.
That’S what I do as much as I can and after that just visualize anything.
You want from an actual number two numbers that keep building up in your account or actual dollars coming out of your wallet.
Whatever you want and, however you want to visualize, it it’ll work for you and in your own way, so my way might not be the same for other people when God always provides.
Another big thing to always know is: if it doesn’t work, it’s not you.
It’S not your time and it will come.
Let’S say I want twenty thousand dollars if I’m not supposed to have twenty thousand dollars in that moment, it’s not gonna come to me until I really need it and sometimes it’ll come in a form of anything.
There’S been times where I’ve gotten checks in the mail for honestly, nothing or some random like job I used to do wanted to pay me more money, or I don’t know just in the most random ways.
So if you believe it, it will happen to you.
Just get out of the modern-day common way of thinking and just do what your gut says and what Lior says and everything will come to you.
It was Florence Scovel Shinn who said that life is not a battle, but a game, and this gifted metaphysician claimed that the game of life could not be played without the proper knowledge of spiritual law.
law of prosperity leeor
She often spoke and wrote about the law of prosperity.
How, with perfect faith in the power of your words, you can and will have access to abundant supply.
Words are tremendous vibratory forces, they mold our realities from our bodies to our life path.
We know now that it’s not only our words but also our emotions and our thoughts that shape our reality in regards to the law of poss parity in her book, the game of life and how to play it.
Florence Scovel Shinn wrote about a woman who came to her distress because she was being sued for 3000.
On the 15th of the month.
Laurence told this woman that the universe is abundant and if she has a demand there will always be a supply.
Florence spoke the word for this person, which is what we are learning to do ourselves and Gaye thinks that she would receive the money at the perfect time in the perfect way.
Florence advised this woman that she must have perfect faith, that the money will become.
The 15th was fast approaching and the money had not yet materialized.
So the woman returned to Florence to ask her what to do.
Laurence told the woman that her part is to act.
Rich, and that is how she will show faith, that the money is on its way to her.
These two women went to lunch together and to show perfect faith.
They ordered an expensive lunch.
Florence explained to the woman that she was not to think about the money but to enjoy what was in front of her, and the reason why this is acting as, if is because, if you have perfect faith that the money is coming to you, you will not Have any misgivings about spending money?
The next day the woman asked Barnes to stay with her to give her courage.
Florence denied her Weston said you are divinely protected and it is never too late.
Later that day, the woman called Florence with miraculous news.
She had a visitor and though she was feeling really down and really stressed and anxious.
She had a gut feeling to let him in to let him come see her.
That visitor turned out to be her cousin and he stayed and visited with her.
They had a conversation and towards the end of the conversation before he left.
Her cousin asked her.
How are finances by the way, so the woman told her cousin what’s going on how she was to be sued on the 15th of the month, and it was a miracle he told her by the first of the next month.
He will give her the three thousand dollars, so it was a miracle, but since she did need the money sooner than the first of the month, she called Florence to find out what she should do and again of Florence told her to drop her worries and act In perfect faith spirit is never too late.
The woman spent that night giving thanks and letting go of her worries and practicing perfect faith in acting as if the next day her cousin called her up and said come to my office.
I will give you the money today the woman was able to pay back.
Everybody was not sued on the 15th of the month.
This is such a good lesson in acting as if, if you ask for success but then prepare for failure, you will get failure.
If you ask for success and prepare for success, you will become successful so today I want you to try acting as if prepare for something small in the beginning, such as receiving 10 or a text or a phone call or a cup of coffee, and let Me know how that goes for you.
Let me know if you guys are practicing this Florence Scovel Shinn, wrote the game of life and how to play it, and I think it’s a super short book and it’s super super helpful and anybody trying to learn how to manifest and how to use the spiritual Laws of the universe.
Thank you so much for watching you guys.
As always.
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