How To Create Prosperity and life in abundance

When we talk about life in abundance, most people immediately think of money. Financial prosperity is one obvious expression of abundance, but it is not the whole story.

So what is the meaning of abundance of life?

How can we define abundance? What does it really consist of?

The abundant life discussed in this article is not limited to the profusion of material goods, but rather to the state of consciousness. It is a way of being that, once developed, allows you to enjoy in great quantities, beyond your needs, in all aspects of life: love, work, money, food, health, friendship, or relationships…

It is important to understand that living in abundance means living in an overflow of resources so that one is immersed in well-being. The person who lives in abundance is flooded with energy, joy, and love. He or she has everything needed to enjoy good health and prosperity.


The flow of Life abundance

Most people live in fear of not having enough and unconsciously develop the idea of lack. We are afraid that there is not enough money, not enough love, not enough work, not enough food, not enough vital energy… And because of this fear of living in lack, we block the flow of abundance. By dint of thinking about lack, we end up living in insufficiency.

Mindset of abundance

When you develop this abundance mindset, you can see a flow of resources in your life: abundance manifests itself through the opportunities that come your way, in all areas of life.

Horn of Plenty, the most common graphic representation of abundance

Remember the famous Horn of Plenty, the most common graphic representation of abundance. It is represented by an outpouring of food, flowers and goods of all kinds, constantly flowing out of the horn.

The development of the mindset of abundance is a sort of “all is well” awareness. One becomes aware that the Earth is a place of a constant supply of graces. There is then an abundance of everything in life: good health, financial prosperity, an abundance of food, success in love, peace in family or friendship relationships, an influx of job offers or work opportunities.

Life in abundance is a flow

To continue to live in abundance, we must let the flow of abundance flow freely. Imagine a child with his hands full of candy but who wants to receive other sweets like chocolate, which is much more delicious. He must free his hands, giving his candy to other children, in order to receive his chocolate.

It should also be noted that the spirit of abundance, even if it implies the knowledge of the Earth as a source of constant provisioning, excludes waste. This can be translated into the wise use of abundant resources.

Developing the mindset of abundance

The development of the Abundance mindset is acquired with practice. It is necessary to start by letting go, to learn not to be fearless of lack. Similarly, being content with what you have, in all areas of life (whether it is love, money, possessions or even relationships…), is a negative attitude that blocks the flow of abundance.

Principles to Attract life in abundance

The following principles take only a few minutes each to implement into your daily routine; and although they are simple, they are extremely powerful. These principles will help you shift to a higher frequency of thinking and; as a result, you will find that your external results will change very quickly!

01 People who believe that thoughts are abundant live in a life of abundance

The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts. -Marianne Williamson.

So according to Miriama, people who live an abundant life, realize that their results are an expression of their thinking. If they don’t like their results, they simply change their mind. In other words, the thoughts you usually think create your circumstances, situations, and conditions.

02 There is enough abundance for everyone

People with an abundant mindset see the world in terms of a win-win. They are genuinely happy with the successes, well-being, achievements, recognition and good fortune of others. These people go out of their way to help others and contribute to their greatness because, in doing so, they believe that we can all do more.

03 We live in life abundance and in generous universe

When you are always focused on what you can get, you are always on what I called a ”get” frequency … which is actually a frequency of scarcity and lack. We live in a generous universe, and when you practice generosity and use generous thinking and language; you actually never have to worry about “getting” because the frequency of your thoughts is increasing.

04 Your desire for abundance can help you

if you desire abundance and wealth, but feel uncomfortable thinking of yourself as “money minded”; or even if you wonder if it’s wrong to love money, then consider yourself a free spirit instead!

You have no idea how much good can come through you if you give yourself permission to have more abundance in your life. Having the power to pursue your dreams, do what you would most like to do, and give what you would most like to give starts within you.

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