How To Find Joy In Your Life. 5 Steps To Happiness

How to find joy in your life

Stop putting your happiness on hold, waiting for the right career or the right man. Once you know how to find joy in your life, you will realize that is around you all the time.

When my daughter was younger, I remember her asking me why I looked sad? I replied that sometimes grown-ups forget what it’s like to have fun and laugh; they forget how to be happy. She replied that if she ever felt like that she would play a game or do something that made her laugh, then she would be ok. Wow! When did thinking like my daughter finish and being an adult star, because let’s be honest here, sometimes being a grownup sucks!

Life just ticks along living our lukewarm lives, not overly sad and nor too happy….tick tock tick tock weeks, months and years go by.

“No one’s full of joy all the time, that’s just silly” I hear you say

“If I didn’t have to work I would be bouncing with joy” .. Joy and happiness seem to be on hold for adults. There is always an excuse or something else to do before we allow ourselves to be happy.

What I notice when people ask how I am, and I tell them “I’m great” or “very happy” they look at me as though I have two heads, it is an alien response. People are left open-mouthed because they expect me to moan about something, even if it’s just the weather. People can connect with each other more easily when they share negatives. It makes them feel secure in the knowledge that everyone is unhappy with them.

Expressing joy on a day to day basis makes most people feel uncomfortable because it highlights their lack of joy.

What a sad truth this is. We feel more comfortable connecting to negativity. Our egos like it to be this way. The ego’s function in the caveman days was to point out potential danger; it did not notice the lovely flowers and kids laughing and playing.

What has all this got to do with you experiencing joy in your life?

Everything! It is the ego and people’s natural way to the negativity that prevents you from noticing everything around you that can and will allow you to feel joy every moment of every day.

Life is all about perception and attitude, Change these two things for the better and you will change your life for the better. Here are a few more things to try.

#1 Perception is Everything

It is a scientifically proven
fact that your reality is subject to your perception. So, keeping this in mind, it seems your experiences in life will change if you perceive them in a different way.  Perceive more joyous happy moments you will experience more joy.

Do not allow your life to get trapped in a negative zone.

Change your life story and throw away your self-doubts.  “I can’t do it” should be completely erased from your vocabulary.


“If you can’t, you won’t, and won’t never will.”

If you believe you are not good, enough you never will be good enough. Change your story and your beliefs, challenge yourself to believe “I am awesome, I can succeed” Tell the chattering monkey in your head (your ego) to shut up because you now believe in yourself!

Think of things you have succeeded at, no matter how small, and focus on this stuff. Focusing on the positives takes the power that the doubts have over you, and in time, they will disappear.

Ridding yourself of your negative beliefs help you see the brighter side of life, which will lead to more happiness and joy.


Where has all the joy gone?

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When my daughter was younger, I remember her asking why I looked sad? I replied that sometimes grown-ups forget what it’s like to have fun and laugh; they forget how to be happy. She replied that if she ever felt like that she would play a game or do something that made her laugh, then she would be ok. Wow! I thought, when did thinking like my daughter finish and thinking like an adult start, because let’s be honest here, sometimes thinking as a grownup sucks.

Take delight in the little things, do something wacky. When your alone shout and laugh, run, jump, throw your arms up and pretend you’re an airplane. Be strange be unique be original and help yourself to the joy that is all around you.  You are awesome you are unique, remember to act this way.

#3 Learn from animals

It is a well-known fact that animals bring joy into people’s lives. I have a dog, and she has taught me lots about how to be happy, let me give you an example.

My little Cockapoo is adorable. She wanted to go out the back for a pee, so I let her out. Then I got on with what I was doing and forgot about her for a while. It was about 2 hours later when I remembered to let her back in. She was sat there patiently waiting. I opened the door and in she came as happy as can be that I had let her in. She didn’t sulk or get cross with me for being outside too long; she was thankful for being let in.

The point I’m making is animals live in the moment; they don’t judge or hold a grudge they don’t live in the past or worry about the future, they just be. If all of us can learn to live in the moment, as my little dog, we would all be happier and be surrounded by more and more joy.

#4 Practice a hobby.

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Make time for yourself, be a little selfish. Believe you deserve some time to express yourself.  Take up a new hobby or make time to enjoy the ones you already have. By allowing yourself this time, you are building your self-worth, and also doing something for yourself that brings you joy.

#5  Do something nice.

For me, it feels much better to give than to receive, and I think this is the case for most people. It doesn’t have to be anything of value, just make someone’s day. If you think they look beautiful, tell them. It is amazing how what we say can affect others.

I have been friends with a guy for over 20 years.  He listens to heavy metal music, and I commented that everywhere he went he was always listening to angry music. 18 years later he mentioned that this comment struck home and made him re-evaluate his life, he said it was a life-changer. Wow, I had no idea!

The point is you may never know how you affect people’s lives, so it pays to be careful with your words. Effecting someone’s life in a positive way is awesome, I suppose this is why I do this website. It gives me immense joy to know you are all out there reading this, and there is a possibility it may touch someone in a positive way.

It is your choice how to find joy in your life, make the effort and you will feel a shift towards happiness.

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Be grateful, be happy

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