How to Manifest a Specific Person

Visualization, the Law of Attraction, and Deliberate Creation are all ways that we can make manifest the things in our lives that we truly desire… But, sometimes, the things in life we want are not material, such as the person you love or type of person you want as part of your life.

​In those instances, how do we go about attracting the love that we seek, the love of our life into our world? How does it work? Can you manifest a specific person with the Law of Attraction?

Take solace that you are not the only person who feels this way. This article discusses how we can make positive changes in our lives that can help manifest a specific person, a crush, an ex-partner, or a particular type of person so this longing can be satisfied.


How to Manifest a Person with Your Mind!

​​Is it possible? Of course it is!

Attraction takes place in the brain above any other organ of the body. When we are experiencing an attraction to a person, the mind behaves differently than when we have no attraction.

Since these emotions stem from the mind, it is only reasonable to assume that changing your own mindset has at least some part to play when it comes to attracting a person.

You are what you think all day long – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

What you think subconsciously as well as consciously affects our outlook, how we deal with situations, how we react to people, how we interact people, our core beliefs, and how we deal with past experiences.

Whatever we want in life starts with ourselves. Not another person, a specific situation, or everything to be picture-perfect in life for our desires to slot into place.

You are in charge of your own destiny. You don’t need to rely on others, expect anything from another person, or be a perfect person according to society to attract and achieve what we want in life.

Can You Manifest a Specific Person Using the Law of Attraction?

Manifest a Specific Person Using the Law of Attraction

So, if you are able to harness the potential of your own mind, is it then possible to use the same principles as the Law of Attraction to manifest a specific person?

As mentioned before, you can manifest ANYTHING using the Law of Attraction. If that thing happens to be a specific person, then so be it!

Using the Law of Attraction to manifest a specific person, love and a relationship all start with how we think, our beliefs, and our energy/vibration level to bring about what we want in life.

There always will be a certain element of Universal intervention at play. In some cases, you might never be with the person of your dreams because you have to account for the other person’s free will. Also, Universal forces may have a different path in mind for one or the other of you.

Let me tell you a story…

A woman named Beth was born in the 1930s. Before the war broke out she had two potential gentleman friends.

Both went to war and both returned. One returned before the other, and that was the one she married.

When Beth saw that her second lover had also returned safe, she suffered regret. Had she married the right one? It made no difference. Beth’s second lover moved away and carried on with his life…but she still wondered.

Beth reached a ripe old age but suffered from Alzheimer’s disease before she died. It was then that her family found out about the second lover.

When they dug a little deeper, they found out that he had died in a car accident only two years after his return from the war. Beth never knew. She had spent her whole life wondering.

The moral? If the Universe doesn’t want you to be with someone, there is very little you can do to stop it. In addition, it’s usually for a very good reason indeed.

(Many thanks to my friend Katriona for telling me her grandmother’s story to use in this article.)

Let’s now discuss how we can use the Law of Attraction to know more about ourselves and what we want and how we can create the love in our life that we desire.

Who Do You Want to Manifest and Why?

If it’s not a particular person, such as an ex, a crush, a friend or colleague that you want to be in a relationship with rather than just pals, or a neighbor, for example, then the first thing you need to do is determine what type of person you want to attract.

(If you have a specific person in mind, jump straight to the essential steps listed below.)

Deciding the sort of person you want in your life may sound obvious, but when you open your spirit up to the prospect of love there is a high chance that those on a similar wavelength will instantly seek to connect with you.

The Universe can only help us to manifest love using the Law of Attraction, as well as any other aspect of our life, if we’re clear, focused, and mentally in tune with what we want.

So, it’s paramount to understand our wants and wishes when starting to manifest love in our life.

List the characteristics and qualities you desire in a partner. Be clear with these, because it’s just as important to know what we don’t want as well as what we do:

  • Do you want someone ambitious? If you’re career-minded, is it important that your future partner has this same attribute?
  • Do you want an animal lover? If you love dogs but you meet someone with pet allergies, could you live with that?
  • Does your ideal partner have a love for travel? If so, you don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t have this as a priority in life.
  • Do you want children? If you meet someone who already has children but doesn’t want any more, is this a deal breaker for you?
  • Are you a sports lover, either player or watcher? Is this a big part of your life that you want your partner to share with you? Being with someone who doesn’t share the same interests isn’t an issue for some, so is this a major factor for you?
  • If you’re a teetotaler, then someone who drinks may not be the right person for you. If you’re a vegan, would a meat eater be a turn off?
  • Are religious beliefs, morals, culture, etc. important in your life? Therefore, would you like the same in your partner?
  • Think about the types of people around you either in the past or currently who bring out the best in you. Are they outgoing, have a dry sense of humor, calm and collected, very sociable? Decide which of these are important for you to have in your partner.
  • When looking for love, what things do you not want to compromise on? Are there traits, habits, or interests that you simply don’t want in your life or could tolerate in a relationship?

When you start to think about this, you may create a long list! This is good: you need to be clear on what you want!

Notice that I haven’t discussed the person’s physical attributes. We may have preferences on what we want the love of our life to look like, and you can add these if there really are express specifics which are important to you, but this list discusses who the person is, what they’re about, what they like, their goals and aspirations in life, what is important to them, and how these match you and what you want in your life.

A caveat when making your checklist is that if you want someone to be perfect, you’ll be waiting…well, forever. None of us are perfect, so it’s important that we have realistic requirements and expectations. Someone doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfect for us. It’s a case of knowing what you can compromise on, what your boundaries are, and what habits and circumstances you can or can’t accept.

How to Manifest a Specific Person – 7 Essential Steps

How to Manifest a Specific Person - 7 Essential Steps
So how do you use the Law of Attraction to manifest a specific person? Easy! Follow these essential steps.

1. Self-Love Comes First

There is a very old saying about not being able to love other people until we learn to love ourselves.

This particular saying has more than a grain of truth to it. The very first person we should ever be taught to fall in love with is ourselves.

People who practice self-love are less likely to accept poor treatment from a partner. They also tend to be much more aware of the key qualities they are looking for in a romantic partner.

Research suggests that science supports this seeming old-wives saying.

Self-love is necessary if you want to raise your vibration to the same level as a romantic partner who is also open to love.

If you don’t believe in your self-worth and suffer from low self-esteem, for example, you will only attract the wrong type of partner…

…So, before you go any further, have a look at my post on Self-Love. These exercises will help you learn to love yourself before we move on to finding your perfect partner.

2. Remove Self-Limiting Beliefs

Do you have any misplaced negative assumptions or perceptions about yourself?

These can sometimes be on a subconscious level and not always at the forefront of our minds until we start to analyze and think more deeply about who we are and what we want.

Examples of self-limiting beliefs with regards to self-love and love in a relationship are:

  • I’m not good at relationships; things never work out long-term.
  • I don’t deserve to be happy.
  • I’m not good enough for him/her.
  • I’m not attractive enough.
  • I need to lose weight to be desirable.
  • I’m too old to find love.

If you feel that those around you have worked out the secrets to finding a partner and being in a relationship but it will never happen to you because of the self-talk similar to those listed above, then this needs to be addressed before you can manifest love in your life.

If someone does come into your life but you’re still thinking these thoughts, you’ll be full of self-doubt which could impact on the relationship lasting long-term.

When there is positivity and self-worth and belief, you don’t need to think it will never happen for you. Past experiences aren’t an indication of the future if we learn from previous relationships. It is possible to believe that we are worthy to find love and manifest a specific person into our life.

When you hear your internal monologue repeating any self-limiting beliefs, turn it around by using Positive Affirmations instead, because you deserve love and success in your life. Negative inner dialogue won’t help you to achieve your goals and manifest love.

3. Breakdown any Mental Barriers

Don’t hold yourself back from manifesting love, what you desire and what you are capable of achieving through mental barriers.

Do you unconsciously have barriers to avoid being let down, hurt, used or cheated on?

This is a barrier that is a theoretical brick wall around you for self-preservation.

To prevent experiencing pain in another relationship, it is easy to keep people at arm’s length, to not let anyone in, and not to be open and receptive to being loved. You don’t allow it because you want to protect yourself.

It’s understandable, especially if you’re still raw from a past relationship or if bad experiences have repeated themselves with different partners.

We all experience these mental barriers to love at some time in our lives, but the person we want won’t come into our life as these restrict our potential to manifest the love we desire.

Are you inadvertently blocking a new partner if you haven’t ‘closed the door’ on a past relationship.

This is very common when there are unanswered questions, or you have been left in limbo because of a lack of communication, or you feel there is unfinished business stopping you from moving on.

If you’re thinking about an ex and not quite moving on, it’s going to be difficult to be open and receptive to another person.

You need to break free from the past to move on to a better future, as this is a barrier blocking you from successfully manifesting love in your life.

Has a previous relationship affected your self-esteem and confidence?

If you don’t have self-worth or assertiveness, you may only find love with people who treat you poorly and fail to recognize your worth.

Have you emotionally, mentally and emotionally dealt with any past relationships that have had a negative on your life?

Everyone’s story is different, as well as how we process situations to heal and move on.

Don’t let your doubts, lack of faith and fears stop you from believing that you can find love and, indeed, your soulmate. Also, don’t settle for someone just to ‘be with someone’. You could be missing out on the true love of your life if you’re with someone else who isn’t right for you.

4. Raise Your Vibration

To start attracting a specific person using the power of your own mind, you must first align your spiritual vibration to this purpose. Meditating over the issue, saying aloud what you require, and self-worth and positivity are all good ways to do this.

Brainwave Entraining is also great way to start manifesting love. This method involves changing the way you think for successive days in a row. If you can stay upbeat, or at least train your inner monologue not to be derogatory, then you are very likely to retain this new mindset from then on.

If you are interested in raising your vibration to find love, you can manifest that specific person into your life by reading How to raise your vibration.

5. Give Love

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. This means that if you are pouring love out into the world, then you are twice as likely to receive love in return. It isn’t always the type of love you expect, but it is always a good starting point on which you can grow.

The biggest change in order to use the Law of Attraction to manifest a specific person is that you need to adopt a more loving attitude all round.

When you give more, feel more, empathize more, you become more attractive to others while simultaneously raising your vibration to a higher level.

You feel it in the light-heartedness, contentment and warm fuzziness felt on long summer days… That is the feeling you want to emit.

6. Visualize It

Finding the right person involves being specific about what you want and focusing on the key qualities you would like your ideal partner to have. This is the starting point for any visualization exercises.

If you can learn to harness the visualization of your perfect partner, then you have taken the first steps toward finding the right person or the love of your life by using the power of your own mind.

Once you can identify what you want, from the heart, you can start to visualize the things you need every day to get closer to the person you want to attract.

Every morning, think about the optimum outcome for the coming day. What could the best scenario in every moment be? Set yourself up for a positive mindset and the rest will follow.

Visualizing the particular person or type of person you would love to meet with all your senses is a great way to manifest them!

Check out my article of 12 Essential Law of Attraction Exercises with Examples to explain in detail how to use visualization and much more to manifest what you want in life.

7. Leave it to the Universe

Once you know who you want and why, lifted your vibrational energy, visualized him/her, been clear with your intentions and requirements, and moved on from negativity, barriers and blocks, it is time to ‘let it go’ and allow the Universe to work its magic!

The key here is to not yearn or ‘want’ or think about when it will happen as this is focusing on a ‘lack’ in this area of your life, which will result in no change in your situation.

If you focus on ‘wanting’ because the person isn’t in your life yet, the person and relationship will always be in the future. Whereas, if you get on with life as though it has already happened, it will manifest in your life a lot quicker.

Be grateful for what you have now and who you are and what you have to offer. Live in the moment by practicing Mindfulness as often as you can – as this helps us to not live in the past and not worry about the future.

Be patient, nourish your soul, get busy with your social calendar, and do what makes you content in the meantime.

The Law of Attraction will bring the love and manifest the specific person you desire when the time is right… And when it does happen, don’t forget to thank the Universe and show gratitude!

Know what you want, visualize what you want, raise your vibration to match that desire, then give out like-for-like until you get it!

The Law of Attraction can be applied to any area of your life. Be it career, money, or love; this simple way of living can attract your greatest wishes and manifest them within your life.

With a little careful thought and some forward planning, and with a little help from the Universe, you could be on track to achieve your relationship goals in only a few short weeks. Go out there and flourish.

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