How to Persevere in Order to Succeed

There’s a reason perseverance is a trait associated with success. It is, in fact, one of the most important traits to have when trying to achieve your goals and dreams. What separates those who are successful from those who are not? It simply comes down to this: even though they fail often, successful people continue in their efforts while less successful people give up at the slightest hint of failure.

Look at what happened to Henry Ford, who was dismissed by his own father for lack of intelligence and told he would never amount to anything. Even Thomas Edison made 10,000 attempts before perfecting the incandescent light bulb! Yet they persevered – not giving up amid their failures.

Imagine if they had given up at the first failure. We would not have all of these life-changing inventions we enjoy today.


What is Persevering?

Define persevere

Perseverance is the act of continuing to do something, even when faced with difficulty.

The process a person undergoes when they are resolute about achieving a goal, despite opposition or hardship that may arise.

What it Means to Persevere:

Examples Persevering takes courage and determination. Everyone faces setbacks at one time or another, but a person who perseveres is able to move past obstacles and continue working toward their goal.

When you persevere, you are prepared to face opposition or hardship that may arise. You are willing to work hard and have the courage to push forward despite what others may think of you. Persevering is an act of wisdom, knowledge, and discernment.

Here are some other examples:

For a child who is learning to read, perseverance means continuing to focus on sounding out words despite the frustration of not being able to read.

A writer will persevere when he or she continues writing despite negative feedback from readers and editors.

Practicing Perseverance

There are many reasons why people choose to persevere in their goals. Some do it for the sheer enjoyment of doing what they love; others do it because there is a sense of fulfillment when one successfully meets a goal. Some do it because they are tired of living a life without goals or dreams; others persevere out of fear.

Knowing why can help you move past obstacles and continue to try even when your heart says to quit. Why do you want to achieve your goal? Is it because you are afraid of what will happen if you don’t succeed? Is it because you’ve always dreamed of doing something specific?

Whatever your reasons, they are yours and yours alone.

How to Persevere When You Don’t Want To:

If you don’t feel like perseverance is worth the effort, think about how much time you waste when you give up on reaching a goal. If you give up on trying to lose weight, that means you are wasting all of the time that you could spend working out and eating healthier food.

It will also be a waste if you don’t try because your goal is important to you. You might be afraid of failing, but what if you actually succeed? It may take longer than you’d imagined, but if you fight hard enough and persevere, you can get to where you want to be.

A person who doesn’t persevere when he is trying to lose weight will eventually reach the point of feeling defeated. He may even begin eating more just because he is depressed that his goal isn’t working out for him. This may cause him to become even more discouraged and even gain more weight.

How to Persevere When You Are Tired of Trying:

How to Persevere When You Are Tired of Trying

If you are tired of trying, look for ways to renew your motivation. Take a step back and think about why you want to achieve this goal so badly. Maybe it’s because the reward that comes with achieving this goal will make you feel proud. Or maybe it’s because there is something else that you’ll be able to do when you achieve your goal.

If you are sick of trying, ask someone who knows you well enough to give constructive criticism for tips on how to push forward with perseverance and avoid giving up. The more knowledgeable another person is about you, the better he or she will be able to give advice on how to motivate yourself.

Sometimes it’s difficult to continue trying when you’re tired of doing the same thing over and over again. This is where perseverance comes in. It is a gift that allows people who would otherwise give up with ease to continue striving toward their goal.

Those who persevere are able to continue doing something when others have given up. They are able to keep trying even through the most difficult times. For example, it’s a test of perseverance for a person to get up every day and go jogging despite the fact that they hate exercising with intensity. It takes perseverance on their part to do it, but they do it because they know that in the long run, it will be good for them.

How to Persevere When You Receive Negative Feedback:

It’s one thing to receive negative feedback on an assignment and another to receive criticism about an idea or dream that you’ve had for a long time. When you’ve invested a lot of time into something and the people around you want you to stop, it’s difficult to continue.

It is essential that you don’t let negative feedback cause you to give up on your goal. The people who try to discourage can be wrong or they can be right; no matter what, if you really believe in what you are doing, keep trying.

Those who receive negative feedback should ask themselves what the input means to them and how they can use it to improve whatever they were working on before receiving criticism. If you believe in your goal and know that you can achieve it, aim to prove those who want you to give up wrong with hard work and perseverance.

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