How to set goals to achieve your dreams

Why setting goals is important!

How to set goals When you decide to go on vacation, what do you do first?

You certainly decide on your destination at first!

In your life, it’s the same principle, if you don’t know your destination, it’s going to be very difficult for you to stay on course and achieve your dreams!

That’s why, deciding exactly what you want to become, what you want to achieve, what you want to get is the starting point of any great accomplishment!

It is the process of BEINGDOINGGETTING to achieve your dreams!

Your ability to set goals is the master key to success.

All studies and research on success clearly show that successful people, companies, nations have clear, sharp, specific, and measurable goals to determine what they want for their future!

Overloaded? Overworked? Not a minute to yourself?

The main reason most people face their future with apprehension rather than anticipation is that they don’t know where they are going!

People who complain that they never have a minute to themselves or who say they run from morning to night and night to morning don’t really have a time problem, but rather a direction problem.

That is, they are not actually going anywhere fast…

Planning your life is the key to your well-being!

Did you know that 80% of people who reach retirement are completely broke?

Either dependent on the government or on the charity of their family members.

Did these people plan to be poor?
Of course not!

No one plans to be poor.
On the other hand, we can say that they failed to plan.

In this respect, the rule is very simple:

Not planning your future … is planning your failure

Setting a goal is your rudder for the destination of your life and achieving your dreams!

Not having goals in life is like setting sail without a rudder!

What will happen?

Yes, you’ll get tossed around by the waves, go in circles and never arrive at your destination.
It’s the same thing for your life, you can have the most beautiful boat in the world, but without a rudder you are doomed to stay at the dock all your life!

You can have the greatest potential for success in the world, without goals you are doomed to fail!

As a ship’s captain, you need a good rudder to reach your destination.
Likewise, as the captain of your life you need to set major goals to know where you are headed.

If the is a very efficient boat (a solid and dynamic partner who listens to you), without a rudder (without clear and precise objectives), our activities will not be more useful than a common boat!

Let’s also know that in life there are two types of people: there are those who have projects and those who are the object of others’ projects.
Having goals and projects is taking control of your boat, it is taking control of your life!

Set clearly defined goals

set goals to achieve your dreams

97% of people do not have written goals. This is huge!

Most will take two months to plan a two-week vacation, but they will never take two days or even two hours to plan their entire life!

Newlyweds will take up to a year to plan their wedding day, but how long will they have taken to plan their life together?

Not having clearly defined goals is like being a bird without wings.
It’s living below your capacity!

This whole process won’t work if you haven’t set a clear goal.
If you keep your eyes on your goal, you’re opening up a clear path to achieving it.

How to set goals!

Identify the things you want to achieve and write them down.
Post them in a prominent place; being able to constantly see the anticipated results will help you stay on track.

By definition, with the creation of this list, you are asking the universe for what you want.

Take time to think about it for a while so that it is firmly planted in your mind and keep your goals specific:
a goal that is too big or too general is an almost certain guarantee that you won’t be able to achieve it, because you’ll be too busy worrying about how to achieve it.

Now identify that need within you and give it your full attention.

This is your long-term goal, your ultimate goal!

Make it a goal and watch it grow within you.

Now imagine yourself having achieved it without any limits. Smell the fragrances, visualize your environment, the people around you, feel the objects, use your 5 senses as if you were there! “Hummm, this is intoxicating, isn’t it? “

Now build sub-goals that move in the direction of your final goal.

By setting up this structure of plans, you can break down even the biggest goal into a number of smaller tasks that you will need to complete each day in order to achieve it.
The first step is to consider what you want to achieve in your lifetime, since setting life goals gives you an overall perspective that defines all other aspects of your decision-making process.

Don’t set an unrealistic order and give yourself a chance to succeed by starting with small, achievable things quickly, so that you can already taste the pleasure and joy that comes with achieving a goal.

No one has ever succeeded in achieving an unrealistic goal. Those who have tried have never achieved what they hoped for.
By moving too fast and trying to achieve your goals too quickly, you will inevitably miss some key aspects that will really affect your results.

Think big about your goal, that way you will force yourself to go beyond what you think you can achieve!

I love this phrase from Mark TWAIN:

They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it

If they had known it was impossible, they would not have tried to do it, because the limit of the human being is only the one he imposes on himself!

In fact an average person with average talent, ambition, and education can outperform the brightest person in our society if the latter has no goals!

If you take a sheet of paper and expose it to the sun’s rays, not much will happen.
Now take that same sheet of paper and expose it this time with a magnifying glass to the sun’s rays, and you will see the sheet start to burn quickly!

Having goals, projects gives you the same strength as the magnifying glass, it channels and amplifies the forces you already have inside you.

Having projects helps you focus your energy in the same direction to achieve your dreams.
That’s why it’s important to know how to set goals to get to your destination!

This is how ordinary people achieve the most extraordinary results!

Successful author and speaker Zig Ziglar said:

What you get in achieving your goals is not as important as what you become in achieving them

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