Knowing Emotional Stability

Knowing Emotional Stability
Knowing Emotional Stability

What is Emotional Stability

Here is the definition of emotional stability with a good example that will help you to relate and understand the term emotional stability better. Let’s say you are in a queue at your bank and out of all the people who are feeling frustrated and stressed out and timed out, is a person who is very calm and very generous, that person will reply calmly when asked questions. This type of behavior is called emotionally stable. Those who stay calm, thoughtful, generous, and relaxed even under stressful situations. Even if they are exposed to a certain troublesome problem they will think through it and react calmly and politely are called emotionally stable people and the term we use to describe them is Emotional stability.

One of the biggest gift we humans have recevied is to KNOW,LEARN And UNDERSTAND the EMOTIONS because that’s the excat place where success resides

Why is Emotional stability very uncommon this day?

The question of why is emotional stability so uncommon is answered in a study. According to this study, the very most factor that affects emotional stability is the age factor. So it’s better to say that the older you get the more emotionally stable you’ll become and the more you’ll know about yourself and that is why the older you get the more you understand the past and the past mistakes.

On the other side, younger people face the most Emotional instability. We can call this rush of Adrenaline or can be other various reasons such as stress and anxiety, mood swings, and lots of others. but some factors remain same in all the various ages, such as knowing and understanding your experience and emotions, your writing skills and ability to read So by focusing more on the common aspects of all the situations we can learn to be emotionally stable and also with practice over time we can master it.

How to achieve emotional stability?

This the common factors that all age factors can apply to regain emotional stability

When we talk about emotions, we always think that emotions are like the weather, not under our control. But the truth is that your emotions are a key product of your thoughts, and you have total control over your thoughts and brain and so on your emotions. Once you realize this and use the following steps, you will be able to be emotionally stable. Remember, that is difficult to control your brain but not impossible.

You control your emotions:- As I mentioned earlier that emotions can be controlled by you. You are the master of your brain and your emotions. If you are feeling something that you don’t want to then your brain is doing it involuntarily. So, exercise that control. For example, if you are waiting in a queue at a bank or a checkout line or stuck in traffic and the line is going slow and you are somewhere last. It’s natural to feel impatient, annoyed, and angry. But you can instead choose to be calm and try to be patient because anger won’t achieve anything except spoiling your day.

Assess the situation and respond(not react):- Most often than not, we react. The reaction is the thoughtless, in-the-heat-of-the-moment explosion of emotion that happens during stressful moments. An emotionally stable person will not simply lash out, but in all situations, they try to see their situation or thoughts in a different light. Before responding, take a moment to ask yourself, What is the positive side of this situation? How can I turn into an opportunity? Is my point of view one dimensional? And respond accordingly.

Emotions don’t make you weak:- Showing your emotions doesn’t make you a weak person, in fact, it takes courage to feel and show your feelings. Suppressing your emotions can cause frustration and eventually anger which leads to emotional stability. So, don’t bottle up your feelings.

Stay strong and do your thing:- Sometimes life gets tough, and quitting seems like a really great option. But the things that are worth something are never easy. So if life gets tough and all you want to do is lash out and complain just take a deep breath and remind yourself that you will be okay and the sun is going to rise again. No matter how bad the situation is, trying to see it as a challenge so when it will pass, you could remind yourself of your strength and victory.

Nothing is permanent:- Change is inevitable. If you keep holding onto what is, you may never know what will be. Go with the flow and remember, the universe has a plan for you. So let go and accept the change.

Don’t mix your life:- Don’t let bad emotions in one part of your life affect the other. Suppose, you are having issues in your professional life, then don’t let it come into your personal life and vice versa. To isolate a particular emotion to that part of your life.

Feeling now:- Avoid mixing your present emotion to your past emotion. Try to be in the present and stop trying your present emotions to yours. Suppose, your best friend lied to you, naturally you will be hurt but if you don’t talk about it with your friend and just keep obsessing about it, you will automatically think of all the times your friend hurt you and start hating your friend, ignoring all the times they made you happy and made you feel loved.

You are not perfect:- We humans are not flawless, we are filled with flaws. Accept your imperfection and bask in it. Your flaws are beautiful.

Do not jump to conclusions:- This is one of the most important things. Often times we don’t allow people to explain and think that whatever we saw or heard, regardless of its validity, is true. That may not always be the case. Suppose you are with a partner and they get a text from someone you don’t know asking your partner to meet them. Don’t jump to a conclusion, for all you know it could be their sibling or even parents.

It’s not personal:- There are times when people may not be able to communicate with you the way you would expect them to or under-appreciate you. You need to remember that it is not your fault and stop internalizing it. Most of the time we are so busy in our little worlds and could forget to ask you whether you are okay. It doesn’t mean that you did something which offended them, it just means that they are busy at the moment.

Cut back the drama:- Drama is contagious. When you are around emotionally unstable people or in an environment with lots of drama, it’s bound to rub on you. Like smoking, you keep having a cigarette a day, it’s bound to become a habit. Same way if you are constantly around anxious people or dramatic situations, it will become normal for you to be unstable as well. To avoid being around emotionally unstable situations and people.

Social connections:- Keeping your emotions bottled up often leads to frustration and depression. Remember, you are not above feeling. So if there is something that has been eating you inside out, then talk it out with your friends or loved ones or someone you trust. It will not only help you find a solution to the problem but it will also make you feel much better.

You are what you eat:- Emotional stability could also be achieved by the proper diet. So eat healthy food that fulfills all your nutritional requirements. Also staying fit and awesome will boost your inner confidence, making it all the task easier for you.

A new point of view:- Emotional stability is important to all of us. We need to be stable to make our lives stable, to achieve our dreams, the great man said once that if you can’t get it right in your head you can’t get it right in your life. and it also applies to emotional stability too. We all have heard that AGE is just a number but as we can all read it does affect us. We know the problem, now we know the solution so let’s apply all these tips in our lives and make it whole again. Remember you are what you believe in you are what you think about. If you think it’s gonna be a good day, Hell yeah! it is gonna be a good day. Everything is possible if you follow the correct steps to reach your path.




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