LAW of ATTRACTION Expert Shares His Secrets to SUCCESS | Bob Proctor

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✎ Bob Proctor’s Top 10 Rules for Success. He was broke before he discovered Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. He worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Earl Nightingale before leaving to start his own company. Today, he’s one of the leading experts in the personal development space. He’s Bob Proctor, and here’s my take on his Top 10 Rules for Success!

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1. Trade your life for worthy goals
2. Manage your activities
3. Study yourself
4. Develop your will
5. Serve
6. Get real success
7. Use your imagination
8. Shift your paradigm
9. Control your happiness
10. Get unstuck
11. BONUS – Create healthy relationships

1. where do you need to get unstuck?
2. what does real success look like for you?
3. how can you better serve someone today?

✎ More about Bob Proctor. He teaches people how to understand their hidden abilities to do more, be more and have more in every area of life. In the mid-1970s he started offering motivational speeches and seminars of his own. From the moment Bob shared his knowledge in that first seminar, he became a legend in the industry. He has used his special gift to provide motivation to thousands in seminars and live lectures. He authored classic books like You Were Born Rich and Mission in Commission and many others. In recent years, Bob’s popularity has grown even more dramatically due to his input on “The Secret”. Bob teaches the Secret to his students today and is one of the world’s biggest Law of Attraction experts. Bob teaches the Secret to his students today and is one of the world’s biggest Law of Attraction experts.

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Evan Carmichael says:

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M. Teunissen says:

Thanks Evan! Especially rule 4, I needed to hear this 👍

Goku Son says:

This came on my bday! Thanks!! Believe!!!!

Sha Wingo says:


Siera (The Chosen One) says:

You're amazing

Kristi Harrity says:

Love the intro song Evan 👍

Sung Jin Woo says:

Love to Bob proctor from Nepal 🇳🇵😉🙏

Visual Novel Arts says:

Great video Evan! This type of content reinforces me that I am on a good path. I really like nr 9 -> and I do want to note something on 7: I believe he is right, but people must be aware that he also meant that eventhough you ''imagine'' being something what you want to be, you still need to do something before it will get to you. SO its basically for the people who are already buisy with an idea they are working on and not for people who havent started yet. Because if you think your rich and will become a movie star (while your not) and you spent as if your rich – you will only get in debt…. 😉

Teresa R LAURENTE, MBA - Mayette Rodriguez says:

Another great help ❤️

So.Asmâa says:

I love Bob ❤
Thank you Evan for the video and for sure we have to «Trade our lives for worthy goals» 👌

Michael Dexter Lipata says:

Yes healthy is the best everything is there

Michael Dexter Lipata says:

God bless Evan thank you

Michael Dexter Lipata says:

Yes Iam happy to help people

Michael Dexter Lipata says:

Iam humble owner generous for the helper like for the safety of my worker

Michael Dexter Lipata says:

Thank you Carmichael help me more

Michael Dexter Lipata says:

Yes I have talent to solve problem using my Idea thank you my friend

jncoachingtechnology says:

Love this all about the mindset, being open, being ready to act on the thoughts aligned with the vision for your life. Sent an email today to a coaching group, it was powerful and my initial feeling was that I should send it, but I hesitated my head was trying to talk me down. The idea had come to me as I was walking along the beach and I felt inspired, but I still felt the hesitation. Anyway I sent the message, 2 mins later I got a response from one of the group saying that the e-mail was inspiring! Job done, listen for those messages which align with what you want to achieve and go for it. This is what I think Bob is trying to say here! Thanks Evan, Luka and the team. #Believe #BTA259 #inspirationnation

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