LISTEN EVERY DAY! "I AM" affirmations for Success

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Listen to this before you start your day and before you go to bed! I AM morning affirmations for success!
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Be Inspired says:

Many of you asked for more "I AM" affirmations videos.Hope you'll like this one.
I will upload more soon. Enjoy:)

Akii RealTalk says:

Thank you for these great affirmations

The Commenter says:

Everything said in this video is my truth and reality. Peace and joy to one and all. 🌸

Saheli Sanyal says:

Loved listening to this.came across this at a time when i needed to boost up my faith in my abilities.

Abhigfg Tuggh says:

yr tu all-rounder ha bhai

Kaladhar Battepati says:

This is amazing and I absolutely LOVE the voice and the affirmations itself. Thank you and keep up the brilliant work! <3

Joannah Z says:

This is the best positive affirmations video/ audio I have ever listened to.

תמר שיש says:

Love it, thankyou

Ray Lawrence Jr. says:

If everyone would listen to videos like this instead of the negative garbage, everyone would live better lives and in turn, the world would be a better place. Make your mind great again.


Thank you greatful for the positive life

Param Preet says:

I pray for whoever reading this comment that U will be soon at peace and life would bring lots of happiness, good health and patience to bear everything in your life….u already have abundance of energy to achieve any goal whether it is materialistic, spiritual or emotional.


Yes It's me who is following this challenge and trust me I have developed my business & fame within just 24 years.I believe I gonna be the next great in bangladesh with money & art.My Facebook you find something about my visions -নিলয় নীল( knock me if you wana know my success story💙

Applebee Lite says:

I am battling extreme low self esteem. There are so many things I want to do in life but I am drained inside. I cry all day long and cannot sleep at night. I m unable to do anything even the routine things and I don't have cash to afford therapy sessions that I used to take. If anyone anyone can help me., please show up. I'll be indebted to you.

Maria Luisa Cardenas says:

The kingdom of God is within you.

Sonix Maharjan says:

I am ironman

Sherine Miller says:

And I will always let the pass be the pass and think positive with love and peace

Sherine Miller says:

Thank u Lord I have found this message him words is do powerful for the mind and body and sole he words give me hope

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