Magic in Your Mind Review Bob Proctor | Law of Attraction Course Magic in Your Mind Review by Seth from Law of Attraction Coaching. Bob Proctor’s new self-improvement series focuses on harnessing the Law of Attraction to achieve the results you want in life. Bob has over 50 years of experience manifesting abundance and helping others do the same. Bob has trained thousands of famous people, athletes, and business people to create the life they want. Learning from the best selling book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and working on the principles for decades until he obtained mastery. Like a fine wine Bob just gets better with age and his latest work Magic in Your Mind is his best to date. Learn the secrets of creating your own destiny through your daily thinking and habits. If your looking to make more money then Bob is probably the best self help guru in the business for wealth creation. For overall self-help I would say Tony Robbins is #1, but for specifically wealth creation Bob is definitely the best in the business. Bob’s previous courses including Six Minutes to Success and Streaming Club have transformed the life of thousands of people. If your like me and are looking to grow as a person then check out Magic in Your Mind.

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