Neville Goddard’s Most Powerful Manifestation Techniques

Neville Goddard is one of the most outstanding teachers who has ever walked this planet. Neville studied Law at Sydney University and was very successful in his career as an Attorney. Yet, he resigned from the law after 20 years to dedicate all his time to teaching others about “manifestation techniques.” Neville taught that we have complete control over our lives through our thoughts, and Neville proved this by manifesting things for himself by using Neville Goddard’s manifestation techniques. Neville is world-famous, but most of his students today are unaware that Neville claimed to be a teacher sent from God who could perform miracles. Neville spoke in front of thousands and told them that his teachings were given to him by God. Neville proved this by demonstrating the healing and resurrection of the dead in front of thousands who were witnesses. Neville claimed to have raised a man from the dead on three separate occasions. Neville Goddard was born in New Zealand. Here Neville would meet his future wife, Audrey Hilton. Neville soon became an Attorney, which took him around the world where Neville practiced as an Attorney. Neville had a wife and two kids, who Neville supported by working hard. Neville could have lived like this for the rest of his life. However, Neville resigned after 20 years to dedicate all his time to study under God’s Teachers. Neville studied with many spiritual teachers who taught about the law of attraction later became famous.

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