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  • スーパーインテリジェンス| 成功するために脳を再プログラムする| 成功のために心を活性化する

  • Me gustaría encontrar música subliminal para trabajar las habilidades sociales,para la fobia social y para saber comunicarse con la gente.

  • Im so greatful for lien. i just spent all my money on soft linein for the first time in my life i never had lonin growing up i use to get old linin when i was in my 20.30.40. now at 55 i have the softest bed , i was giong to buy food and clothing .im so glad i got this linin i love linin its that rilly puffy soft stuff its new to me eny way im so happy right now its like sitting onna cloud its so soft i cant feel it and i slide off the bed .love it my tablit llooks confy and is at the right frinquincy . im in between to over crowded huge AT&T towers maby my fluffy blaket will perpell the over compasated 5g and what ever else those companies sub contracting out those over crouded polles .are are bweaming throw us in the labc hospiss for vilent sex offeders and opiod edicted cronic homeless people in my and serounding area of the poor that if thay have phone service its metro pc . and 3g at the most if at all.my fraind works acrouse street that has tower on the building the other one is a block down in safway parking lot .supply bellvie uper class across lakwe with att 5g. .but she h she and all the imployees have to be out of building andoff property buy 4pm no exeptions thats when my ears start ringing and ever one in the building and seroundong buildings start screaming my ears ring like crazy in tel 4am. you should see that tower and the electrical housing its got atached to it trillon volts at least i trillion my apt alone the spider heye sistem is pumping 600 amp into each unit i read a tower that just has the At&t atenas .on it is soposto be way up on a mountian away from sivalatation this tower is coverd in boxes and atenias and cable like enough to make me retare in dabi .if i where to srip it of its copper cable and scrap it the ringing in my ears is louder then this vid or maby that why push pull electric curents goods winning always . man i love my linin i could sleep for ever here thats all i do . if i dident sharpa sit in the morning .sorry im babbling ive been cut out of all 27 soucal net work profiles for a years now . thay just let me open them thare free as-is open network for every body around the world to calaberate about any thing .. but me thay will not let me close them or tell my long lost loved ones that im blocked not ignoring them no abule to comunicate with nonvilent people .. love happy holidays to whos ever listening . i mean trying to read my spell changers worst night mae.

  • Love the visuals behind unlocking our deeper thoughts – would love to be included on a playlist! We make motivational feel good music! Would love to know what you guys think? 🙂

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