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Ovi Vasquez went from a farmboy raised in a poor village in the sugarcane fields of Central America, to being accepted to Harvard Business School, online. He is the author of five books and an Univision On-air collaborator. Ovi has worked for global corporations like; Apple, Tesla, Salesforce, and Uber.

Ovi is a role model for first-generation college students. He educates and connects with students by sharing his story and insights on how they can succeed in school. Through social media, Ovi has helped thousands of students nationwide by sharing $750,000+ in scholarships for minority students. He emerges today as one of the most sought-after bilingual youth leadership speakers of our time.

“I learned to use a machete in the sugarcane fields at the age of eight, and continued working ’til I turned fourteen. When I moved to the U.S. in 2006 unaccompanied, my life changed forever. Soon after in 2009, my mom had to return home to care for my dying grandmother. Left alone, with zero support, I did the only thing I could do —survive…” ~Ovi

Hispanic Youth Motivational Speaker Ovidilio Vasquez is a highly sought after motivational speaker whose passion and purpose is to help others get to the next level in life!!..

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Youth motivational speaker – Ovidilio Vasquez is hailed as the best youth motivational speaker for Migrant students and English Learners.
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Ovidilio Vasquez is a motivational youth speaker for middle schools and high schools who Speaks at schools and conferences in north america.
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Ovidilio Vasquez | best motivational speaker for youth. Motivational speaker inspires youth to never give you – youth motivation.
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best motivational speaker for students & teachers!!…. youth motivational speaker Ovidilio Vasquez
Youth Motivational Speaker Ovidilio David Vásquez is the most relevant speaker for migrant youth, parents, and the teachers who work with them. He was raised as a farm boy in the sugarcane fields of Central America.
Has worked for APPLE, TESLA, SALESFORCE, UBER, AND CRUISE AUTOMATION. The real world experience of a minority in the tech world.

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