Prosperity synonym : how to increase prosperity in your life ?

We all fancy good things in life, and many people desire prosperous lives. But unfortunately, in most cases, we tend to chase the things we desire most and never get contented. 

 Sadly, most people define prosperity as wealth or abundant life. There’s much to prosperity, though! In most cases, it’s all about being at peace with yourself and others around you! Sounds simple? Let’s learn more about prosperity in life and its relationship with peace. 


What is prosperity?

 The word ” prosperity ” comes from the word ” prosperite, ” borrowed from the old French word “favorable.” According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, prosperity is the state of success or thriving, especially economically.

 Though it is correct for dictionaries to connect prosperity to money, prosperity is more than monetary value and means different things to different people. For instance, some people would rather have a life and quality time with their family than concentrate on creating wealth. For such people, prosperity is all about spending time and bonding with loved ones. 

Synonyms of prosperity

prosperity synonym

 A prosperity synonym is a word with a similar meaning to prosperity. The common prosperity synonyms include; 

  • Wealth
  • Success
  • Security
  • Profitability
  • Welfare
  • Benefit
  • Riches
  • Plenty
  • Comfort
  • Well-being
  • Blessed
  • Affluent
  • Fortune
  • Abundance
  • Opulence

How does prosperity manifest in life?

 You can experience prosperity in different aspects of your life. In addition, prosperity manifests in different forms, such as:

 Physical prosperity

Prosperity can manifest as physical health. For instance, you’ll appreciate good health as the optimum prosperity if you have been sick. Moreover, you can work toward achieving physical prosperity by having good rest, exercising, and having good nutrition.

Mental prosperity

Prosperity can manifest as excellent mental health and memory. This way, you’ll have great remembrance and mental intelligence capacity.

Financial Prosperity

prosperity antonyms

Prosperity can manifest through an increase in finances. Financial abundance enables you to live a high-quality life and be able to help others. However, you will achieve this type of prosperity if you work smart, understand money-making tricks and avoid unnecessary expenses. 

Spiritual prosperity

Every individual has their own belief regarding religion. Spiritual prosperity involves connecting to a unique personal experience of the spirit you believe in. In general, you can have spiritual prosperity when you have a satisfying faith life, know your life purpose and do things that matter to you.

Material prosperity

Prosperity can manifest in your life as lots of coveted things or possessions. For example, you are considered materially prosperous when you own buildings and other valuable assets.

Social prosperity

Without relationships and social connections, life can be lonely and unfulfilling. For this reason, prosperity may manifest as a genuine and fulfilling relationship between yourself and others. You can achieve social prosperity by investing time in building relationships, interacting with others, and taking part in social activities. 

Relationship between prosperity and peace

 Prosperity and peace are somewhat intertwined. Without peace, you can’t achieve prosperity. Besides, peace is crucial for spiritual, mental, financial, material, and social prosperity.

 Peace necessitates jobs, incomes, and people’s livelihoods in a specific region. It allows people to save and invest and tax revenues to be fair and spent well for developments. 

 Peace contributes to prosperity in numerous ways, such as;

 Lowering inflation

Low inflation will make general price-level changes small and predictable. As a result, you won’t have uncertainties as you invest, save, or start money-generating ideas. Similarly, without peace, price instability will negatively affect savings, investments, and consumption. 

 Peace leads to booms and busts. A country with a high level of peace will have higher GDP than countries experiencing war or chaos. You’ll enjoy better standards of living and boom-and-bust cycles in your business.

 Lower interest rates

Interest rates are significant factors you’ll consider when borrowing money to invest. If it’s low, you will be confident to borrow and finance your investment. When peace deteriorates, interest rates become volatile and unpredictable. 

 That’s due to increased political uncertainties, perception of risks, and inflation. A higher interest rate will not favor prosperity and investment by both businesses and individuals.

 Increase in foreign investment

Foreign investment is a measure of prosperity and creates income for many individuals. When there is peace, foreign investments increase significantly. 

Good health and prosperity

 There exist a strong correlation between good health and prosperity. It is impractical to enjoy your wealth when ill or generally in poor health. Apart from being in a state of abundance, prosperity entails a feeling of well-being, happiness, and more.

 Creating prosperity depends on economic conditions, industry, and infrastructure. Also, it involves empowerment and care for your physical and mental health and getting quality healthcare.

Good health and prosperity

 Healthier people tend to build more incredible wealth. With good health, you will have a productivity boost and energy to work towards accumulating wealth. You work longer, harder, and with greater focus than unhealthy people. 

 Moreover, you’ll have a better physique to invest and monitor your wealth and make wise prosperity decisions when you’re in good health. For example, COVID-19 has demonstrated how good health is crucial to prosperity.

 Additionally, a person in good health will feel comfortable and happy and have social prosperity. You’ll be able to interact, make meaningful relationships with others, and be at peace with yourself. Being healthier and fit will make you less anxious and sleep better.

 Prosperity also determines your health. If you’re prosperous, you’ll be able to afford health insurance and nutritious food such as fresh fruits. Also, you’ll be able to afford a gym membership and spend more time improving your physical health.

 But if you’re financially unstable or poor, you will likely have health issues. You won’t be able to afford quality health care, slimming your chances of prosperity. That’s due to the increase in the economic value of better health. 

Top quotes about prosperity

 The famous prosperity quotes include;

 “You cannot create prosperity by law. Sustained thrift, industry, and application intelligence are the only things that ever do or will create prosperity. But you can very well destroy prosperity by law.” Theodore Roosevelt.

 Though no laws can create prosperity, laws can destroy prosperity. Making money requires your efforts, and the government won’t necessarily help. The same government can have unfavorable conditions that will destroy your accumulated wealth.

 “The strongest single factor in prosperity consciousness is self-esteem: believing you deserve it, believing you will get it.” Jerry Gillies

 You can achieve all you desire if you have a positive mindset and high self-esteem. Believing in yourself is the primary factor determining whether or not you’ll achieve it.

 “Prosperity is the very bond of love.” William Shakespeare

 Prosperity will make the path of couples easier, their load lighter, and they will enjoy high-quality life together. Lovers can achieve their goals and shared objectives because of the favorable environment created by prosperity.

 “Prosperity belongs to those who learn new things the fastest.” Paul Zane Pilzer 

 Wealth is a measure of prosperity. You need the right skills and take opportunities to make money. The fastest you learn the techniques, the more likely you’ll make money and become prosperous.

 “Much effort, much prosperity.” Euripides

 Your efforts are directly proportional to the level of prosperity you’ll achieve. If you work harder, the likelihood of becoming prosperous will be higher.

“If there’s a will, prosperity can’t be far behind.” W.C Fields

quotes about prosperity

 If you have a will, you will become prosperous sooner. The will is a sign that your goals will soon be real and achieved them.

 “True prosperity is appreciating what you have.” Bill Ferguson

 What you have is more valuable and priceless, and you should be thankful for it. For instance, you should learn to appreciate good health, mental capacity, and financial situation.

 “Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, not just money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just lack of money or things.” Eric Butterworth.

 You don’t have to own multiple material processions to be prosperous. Instead, a good way of living and thinking is what matters more. Don’t let money be the only measure of prosperity. Learn of simple things around you that can make you more peaceful and prosperous, including herbs and crystals! 

Herbs for prosperity 

 1. Lavender

 Lavender is a stunning purple plant famous for its aromatherapy benefits. Its popularity can be attributed to its love bonds and cash attraction. Moreover, lavender aids curb evil spirits, and you can use it to draw love and healthy romantic relationships. If you wish to add that positive vibe to your home, light lavender candles and enjoy the scent and resulting peaceful feeling. 

 2. Calendula

 Calendula is renowned for its magical capacity to soothe, cure and renew the skin. It is a potent herb for giving excellent luck in money difficulties. Some people believe putting it under your pillow will improve money-making dreams that provide instructions on how to be successful. Calendula is a potent herb that you can use to lift your moods, intelligence, and social harmony.

 3. Rosemary

 We can’t talk of prosperity and pace without mentioning this handy herb- Rosemary! For instance, you can spread rosemary oils in your bedroom for more clarity and focus in decision-making.

 Rosemary is renowned for improving mental clarity and feelings of affection. Having it in your room works magic, making you feel at ease and more comfortable.

 4. Lemon grass

 Lemongrass is regarded as a “wonder plant” because it is a favorite among chefs and is widely used in massage. It is a perfect therapy for pain, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, always keep some lemon grass in your home; you never know when you might need it.

 5. Nettle

 Nettles are the perfect plants to keep nearby when trying to shield yourself from negative energy. Plant them at your front door, for they offer the utmost defense against negative forces that can access your home.

 6. Dandelion

 Dandelions can grow almost anywhere, which is one of their best qualities. That demonstrates their fortitude and sturdiness; if you are sad or on the verge of quitting, the herb can inspire you to succeed. 

Crystals for prosperity 


Citrine stone exudes unbridled excitement and sunshine. It makes you feel lighthearted and happy when low. The stone acts as a magnet, bringing wealth, companionship, and good health to your doorstep. Therefore, carry it around like the ancient mariners did to avoid storms and glow in the light. 


Amethyst can help strengthen your connection to your spiritual dimension and make you feel whole. This top chakra gem refers to dropping your burden, sitting peacefully, and letting go of negative energy and tension.

 Amethyst is an excellent way to improve your meditation technique. Put it on your forehead to instantly clear your thoughts, and let it serve as your beacon as you soar to more great plains. 

 Green jade

Green Jade has long been referred to as a fortunate stone and is one of the popular crystals for prosperity. It serves as a reminder to maintain composure, make wise choices, and distinguish between bounds and borders. While boundaries keep you secure, they can also restrict you from entering uncharted areas. Keep Green Jade in your home or office to attract wealth and prosperity.


According to biblical traditions, the stone of hope, garnet, was the only illumination source on Noah’s Ark. This is the ideal promise for a glint of light in the shadows. Garnet can assist you in recovering and can rekindle the fire and brightness in your life if you have lost hope.

 Keep Garnet handy if you’ve ever experienced a rough run or need to restart again. The herb can foster wise decision-making and promote financial prosperity. 


Emerald exudes elegance, welcomes greater glory into your life, and exudes style. This precious diamond is famous for its potent energy and attracts wealth and good fortune. That’s not all! It inspires a spirit of kindness and serves as a reminder that giving brings excellent prosperity and harmony. Emerald is a game-changer if you find it difficult to let go of items or want to stash out of fear. It cultivates your compassionate side and widens your heart.  

The bottom line

 You are the result of your belief! If you want to live a property life, understand that this isn’t all about money, but peace is critical. Therefore, eat healthy, sleep adequately, exercise, meditate, and establish a strong relationship with loved ones. Also, take advantage of valuable herbs like; rosemary, citrine, emerald, and lemongrass. They can create a peaceful environment around you, lift your mood and improve your decision-making.

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