The Energetic Component of Manifest Abundance

The real power source behind Manifest Abundance is emotional energy.
It’s a common mistake among human beings to think that action represents power, because in the physical world actually there is often a great deal of truth in that statement.

The expression “power and control” sums it up: how we exert power in the everyday world depends on our actions, and the effectiveness of our actions depends on our power – it’s a complete circle.


Manifest Abundance by Eliminating Negative Energy

In Manifest Abundance there is no such circle: energetic flow is linear, and interestingly enough it doesn’t matter whether it flows from you to the universe or in the opposite direction: all that is necessary is that there is a high level of energetic flow associated with your intention.

You see, it’s that energetic flow (which is not about physically exerting your will, but about impacting the formation of reality) that controls manifestation from the level at which everything in our planet is a potential reality.

Energetic potential of your emotions

When you tap into an energetic potential of your emotions, which are generated in turn by the emotional potentials of your intention or your vision, you can find a power that exceeds anything that you could possibly cultivate in other circumstances.

Used correctly, it is this power that actually inspires, and guides, and directs you in every way, all the way through to the manifestation process itself.



And of course one of things that helps to ensure that this energy flow takes place naturally and effectively is that you do not dissipate it.

Manifest Abundance using law of attraction

One common method of dissipating energy required for manifestation is by talking to everybody about your intentions, and discussing with them how good it will be when you achieve your vision. I mean that goes without saying, because if that were not true you wouldn’t be trying to in tension manifest something using law of attraction as you are.

But the problem with talking to other people is that they feedback a kind of negative energy which compensates and counteracts your positive energy: people will say things like “Oh, you’re aiming too high” or “I don’t think you’re going to succeed” – and none of these statements will inject you with enthusiasm, passion or excitement!

After all it’s only the excitement, passion and enthusiasm that you have initially which leads to you being sufficiently motivated to try and in manifest some new reality using law of attraction.

Ideas and intentions need to be backed up by reality creation

It makes a great deal of sense to keep your energy level secret, to keep your energy level to yourself, and to ensure that you have a clear vision of how you are going to use the product that you’re trying to manifest when it appears or is co-created in your reality by the universal energy.

To ensure that you have enough emotional energy to drive the process manifestation, there are several things that you can do :

  • One is of course to picture at the imaginatively imagination level benefits and advantages, and emotional state of mind that you’ll be in when you achieve whatever it is that you are manifesting – this involves focusing on the benefits advantages and general increase in your level of joy or satisfaction or pleasure or happiness.
  • A second is to focus on the ways in which you will feel different, and the things that you can do differently, which will be of a source of joy and delight to you when you have manifested your new reality.
  • A Third is to focus on why these things are important to you.
  • A Fourth is to focus on everything about the situation which you will manifest compared to the situation you’re in right now and how these things will be different.

You know what excitement is; you know what anger is, you know what fear is, so you know what an emotional state is, and you know what emotional energy is.

To be able to direct this emotional energy towards the product of your vision is the crucial element in manifestation which many people fail to master.

Visualize Your Desired Outcome

Manifest Abundance

So, if you were to spend time thinking about your vision, you could do it in a meditative state or just by settling down in a chair into a point of stillness. And at that point you could then start to imagine the greatest potential outcome or advantage of your vision located somewhere just in front of you.

You can make this real, you can visualize it, you can sense it, you can perhaps imagine the taste and touch and sound of your vision when manifest. It’s important you don’t make any negative or critical judgments about what you’re perceiving, but you simply accept “what is”.

And as you do this, you can sense the level of energy, the sense the level of motivation you have, and sense the level of passion or, to put it another way, fervent desire for whatever it is that you’re trying to manifest.

As you do that, can you sense how low or high your energy your passion for the vision is – there has to be a great deal of personal passion and motivation for you to be able to manifest your vision in reality!

  • Useful questions to ask yourself are…..
  • Do you believe that you can manifest this vision in reality?
  • Do you actually feel excited by the prospect of it entering your life?
  • Are there reasons for it entering your life in accordance with your belief system?
  • Are you happy that morally and ethically you are working in tune with your deepest beliefs, values, and judgments about the world?

You see the truth of the matter is that everything exists in some kind of energetic field, and every energy field is created and influenced by the person who lies or stands at its center – which in the case of your world is you!

Here’s an observation which is clear and straightforward, but often overlooked: the more powerful your focus, the more intense your focus, the higher your level of energy – which in practical terms means the higher your commitment to your vision – the more effective and powerful your energy field will be.

It’s not hard to imagine at this point that the energy field can extend on a high vibrational frequency out into the universe, and it may even be that the extent to which extends into the universe is determined by the level of energy that you’re putting into it.

Suffice it to say that this energy field, this outflow of energy, this flow of energy from you to the universe (or vice versa) is the one that will drive the manifestation process.

In other words, it’s up to you to find the level of energy at which you can totally embody the potential and the vision and the opportunities that lie ahead of you when your reality changes because of the act of conscious creation.

You have seen, I have no doubt, in your own life, how anybody who holds very strong opinions about a particular subject tends to be the person who projects them with most force, and may even lead the group dynamic.

So it is with you and your intention to manifest reality – the stronger your feelings, and the more focused your thoughts, and the more able you are to control the flow of that energy, the more successful you will be in manifesting reality.

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