The New Conor McGregor Mindset | Tony Robbins

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A behind-the-scenes sneak peak with UFC champion, Connor McGregor, after his win against Cowboy Cerrone.

So proud of the ONE & ONLY, #ConorMcGregor!! What a turnaround he’s created within himself in the last year. He’s had a WORK ETHIC like no other — not only strengthening his body to be even more FIT than he’s been, but also, and perhaps, MORE IMPORTANTLY, strengthening his MIND, HEART, and SOUL.

Cowboy was a worthy opponent — so much RESPECT and so CLASSY in victory of Conor to go hug CERRONE sincerely afterward, and his grandmother, too, who raised him. These are two are true warriors.

It was a short but beautiful fight and an incredible VICTORY for #Conor. He made HISTORY tonight as the FIRST fighter in #UFC HISTORY to secure a knockout victory in each of the three separate weight classes — featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight.

It’s such an incredible honor to be a part of the McGregor team and to celebrate an extraordinary victory with them tonight.

Look out!! CONOR IS BACK… and HE’S BETTER THAN EVER! 🇮🇪👊🥊❤️🍀💪👑 What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Keep an eye out for the full interview!

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crysler says:

Tap Tap Tap ….Taping machine always remember habib

Ry Rosa says:

Conor sucks off Tony and Jones sucks off Jesus

Andy Leckie says:

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Mahdi Massud says:

Khabib did it without all this multi million dollar promotion or Tony. Some one should credit him as well.

nadif Ja says:

Nobody ever hated you, just the man you thought you have to be.
Now you're you again. Everyone will love that

Sherjeel 95 says:

Khabib humbled him. 🤭

Roy Azzy says:

Looks civilized ! is he vegan yet ?

Mr Nobody says:

Looks so unnatural i dont believe any of this bullshit look at how he is blinking fake business crap

EIRE IN LA says:

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Uranus Planet says:

Khabib humbled the shit out of him 😂

michael ougarezos says:

i am glad you woke up Conor and seen life completely different from the cruelness that came out of your soul. I believe your adjustment of thoughts are becoming more content. Love one another is the correct way.

jin6000 says:

Khabib said he would humble him, and he certainly seems to have done that! 🙂 Awesome.

LoneScript says:

I get the feeling Conor struggles with depression.
Glad that he is feeling healthy in the mind and body. One of the greatest entertainers and fighters ever… Irish pride!

Martial Movement says:

Connor is embracing the way of the peaceful warrior… The warriors journey begins with inner peace. The warriors path is not to lead others to war… but to lead by example.

Jason Luxury Homes says:

listen to urself
Do n feel happy
better then who I was

Trey Horn says:

Check out "the horn family" family vlogs!!!!! Dont forget to subscribe!!!!!!!

Ivan Pardo says:

When this guy is focused he is a great fighter and an amazing person

YeahRIght says:

Coner punched an old man in the face for not drinking his whiskey. Conor fought mayweather and lost for the money. Conor, Yay my hero

A V says:

I'm sorry but punching an old man in face for not having a shot with you is inexcusable behavior. It goes to show you what a low class low level guy he really is. I like him as a fighter but not as a person if I was Tony I would not sociate myself with this asshole. His own country has turned against him. I guess all people deserve a second chance but this guy is low class low level prophetic

dharmapunk777 says:

this wasn't behind the scenes, and it wasn't post fight. It was on ESPN leading up to the fight (UFC 246) and to promote it.

Mozzy Arfa says:

Fuck Tony Robbins with his big house mouth.

Viktor Sligo says:

I won't even try to deny that he's a magickal fighter.

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