Theta Waves and the Theta State

Everything a person says and does it regulated by the frequency of their brain waves. The theta state is the state of deep relaxation that’s used in hypnosis or REM sleep. Brain waves are slowed down significantly in this state. People meditate for several hours at a time in order to reach this state because it allows them to have access to the perfect calm. Theta waves can be considered the subconscious and they govern the part of the brain between the unconscious and conscious, retaining feelings and memories.

What are Theta Waves?

Theta waves can also direct a person’s behavior and beliefs. These waves are characterized by feelings of spirituality and inspiration. It’s believed that the theta state will allow a person to act below the level of consciousness.

The first stage of the phase when a person dreams are theta. The state of theta is very powerful. This state is often compared to a kind of trance. An example of this state is often seen when a person walks across a bed of hot coals, yet feels no pain.

Reaching this state and experiencing theta waves can relieve stress, promoting an anxiety-free state. It can also increase mental clarity, allow a person to recall certain mental images, reduce pain, synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain, and promote euphoria. It also works to release endorphins.

Theta waves correspond to a person’s state of mind, the part that’s associated with waking dreams, regular dreams and the meditative state. These brainwaves are slower than the alpha and beta activity that a person will normally have in daily life. The waves vibrate between four and eight cycles per second and they’re responsible for moments of clarity or when a person has an epiphany. This is a highly creative state.

When in this state a person is able to tap into their intuitive and creative resources of the mind. When a person is able to control this state, then problem-solving becomes much easier. It’s also easier for a person to achieve their goals and become more efficient.

How to Ground yourself before Entering the Theta State

In order to achieve this state, a person needs to visualize going into the earth. This is very important because entering this state of mind can be very un-grounding for some people.

Begin preparing for this state by closing your eyes and imaging a small ball of white light inside your chest. Continue to visualize this ball of light as it travels towards your abdomen and gathers your consciousness. The ball of light is growing and becoming bright. The light is now traveling down through the groin, into your legs and down to your feet. The light continues to grow as it travels. This light moves until it’s gone through the bottom of your feet and into the ground. The light will reach the earth’s crust and attach to a large rock. You are attached to one end of this light, while the other end remains grounded.

This type of grounding technique is very relaxing and can allow you to open your mind easier during meditation.