Tony Robbins – I am the Voice Affirmation

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Why i made the video,

I have that voice at the back of my head at times, that tells me to hold back, or I am not following a leader, so how can I be right, I summarized Tony Robbins Video to help me with this and hopefully this will help you too.

I am the Voice Affirmation by Tony Robbins

My personal note on affirmations:

Affirmations should be done with intense feelings, go over your affirmations as you are jogging or doing some sort of physical exercise, as Tony says “Feel It in your body”


Cláudia Soares says:

I Said "To 5 yacht" haha

dev sp says:

Thank you for this!😊🙌🏻

Mannan Javid says:

This gave me a nice reminder of UPW '18 in NY and I listen to this everyday

Daniel Gherghita says:

Robert, I like your Tony's
videos, Great work!

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