Why Afformations Are Better Than Affirmations?

Noah St. John, personal growth and professional development expert, explains why affirmations are generally not very effective and why asking yourself the right questions in the form of Afformations yields far better results. According to Noah, with Afformations the mind puts up less resistance compared with traditional affirmations, and thus you will attract your desired results twice as fast with half the effort. You can learn more about Afformations and Noah’s work here.
“You have a statement like an affirmation, and it says “I am rich.” And your brain says, “Yeah, right.”  So what would the question be? “Why am I so rich? Why am I so rich?” Now go ahead and ask yourself that question. “Why am I so rich?” Now, what’s your brain doing? It’s searching for an answer! It’s searching for an answer. Now, everybody here listening to the sound of my voice knows about the law of sowing and reaping, right? As you sow, so shall you reap. What you focus on grows. What you give energy to grows.
“Now what are most people doing in their lives? Asking lousy questions… Now you ask lousy questions and you get lousy answers and that means a lousy life… I think i just invented something and so i had to give it a name and so the name that i gave it is Afformations. Not ‘affirmations’ but Afformations… This is a new technology of the mind, okay. So the word ‘afformations’ comes from the Latin word ‘formare,’ which means ‘to form.’ To form or give shape to. That’s how we can take conscious control of the questions that we’re asking and take control of our lives.”
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