Woman who confronted superstar life coach Tony Robbins speaks out

Nanine McCool who appeared in a now-viral clip in which Robbins seemed to dismiss the #MeToo movement said she’s “tired of being shamed for having been a victim.”

Who knows what I’m talking about here saying Tony Robbins, the self-help guru, who famously encourages his clients to walk on fire is now being raked over the coals himself.
After igniting controversy, with his comments about women in the Robbins, was speaking at one of his unleash the power within events last month, when he made the statement, San Jose arena was packed with attendees among them named McCool, who questioned what Robbins was proclaiming.
So I have lots of me2 stories and I’m also a survivor of violence in my home as a child, and I think it was the me2 movement that gave me the courage to speak up.
Oh gosh, you know Tony Robbins you’ve cut this all wrong.
I think the need for you personally when you’re seeing is people making them so significant, but maybe somebody else getting certainty and there’s nothing wrong with that and just make them happy.
I’M, not I’m not convicted, but McCool doubles down on her defense of me to a movement organized to empower sexual harassment, victims, but they’re.
Also, a significant number of people who are using it not to read to relive whatever may happen to them, but to make it safe for the Robbins invites need to join him, pushing his point and pushing her.
Apparently it’s something he does that a lot of his seminars.
This pushing exercise, but I didn’t know what he where he was going with it.
I’M a tall woman, I’m five foot, eight, he is so big and when he stepped up to me right at first and he looked down on me, I triggered because he looked angry and larger than life personality continues.
The founder of me to movement, Tirana, Burk wrote if you talk to more survivors and less sexist businessmen, maybe you’ll understand what we want.
We want safety.
We want healing.
How bad is this for Tony, I think it’s terrible I mean Tony’s career is based on two things.
One is empathy, the idea that people hire him go to his meetings, go to his seminars because he understands them and he’s trying to help them.
If you’re gonna be dismissive and perhaps even downright hostile to things that thousands and thousands of people believe that’s gonna be bad for your business, the incident went viral when now this news posted the video garnering more than five million views, but Nemean says internet Notoriety was the last thing she had in mind when she registered for the conference I’d seen his stuff on YouTube, but suddenly I thought well.
Maybe Tony Robbins can help me figure out how to move forward.
In my life cuz, I felt really stuck an out-of-work lawyer.
She paid nearly 3000 to attend the event that money has since been refunded.
Cole is one of the millions who have turned to Robbins self-help seminars, have the vibe of a rock concert preaching about personal performance, physical fitness and what he calls emotional mastery he’s.
Also, a best-selling author entrepreneur, most people don’t even make a resolution anymore.
Why infomercial fixture reported net worth of five hundred million he’s even the subject of a Netflix documentary?
I am NOT your guru.
I used the intervention to teach principle in the middle of it.
I love that that’s my favorite way to do.
Robbins issued an apology yesterday on Facebook, saying in part I apologize for suggesting anything other than my profound admiration for the hashtag me too movement and it’s clear that I still have much to learn.
Abc News reached out for comment, and we were referred back to that Facebook statement.
My first reactions to watching that.
To be quite honest, it’s just really exhausting it’s frustrating.
There was a moment, in particular in the video where she, you know, stood up to voice her opinion and he silenced her before she could even get her thought out.


  • As with many things related to meetoo, it is taken completely out of Context.
    I guess its Buzzfeed after all.

  • Woah, Haha as it Dawn's on me…she only looks at one side of the story…which if you are balanced…seems as a imbalance. She doesn't acknowledge the good and the bad. She thinks she is right by telling people they are wrong, but has yet to come forth and say she is wrong and saying that people are right to…not just wrong…hahahaahahahahaaha how's that for a point…this women clearly has an imbalance in her thoughts and life as a whole in the way she looks at things…Tony keep on trucking and yes we make mistakes but also have strengths…people who are imbalanced dont know balance and people who are balanced know what it is like to be imbalanced and can help others if they want the help.

  • Well, A guy named Jesus was a homeless guy that noticed many other speakers at the corner were making a living Speaking about anything from products to wisdom and they all had a tip cup next to them. Jesus never worked and traveled from city to city and never paid for room n board. His best hook of many made him different and that was, Turn the other cheek and he made people feel important loved by an unseen entity. He was a great opportunist and not stupid. He survived and earn a living. Tony is not any different. he does attract needy people.

  • This is just a storm in a teacup. Takin totally out of context from where Tony Robbins started. God give me strength!

  • His reverting to a physical gimmick is suspicious. It is clear he did that solely to define her as a pusher, to deflect that label from him. The woman seems sincere. He must be very conscious of his physical stature and how he can leverage that. Many psychologists have commented on Robbins, who has no professional training.

  • Tony’s seminars come across more as a weekend ego trip than anything else. There are many success coaches that have much greater intellectual and emotional maturity, and none of the theatrics.
    This is what happens when Tony runs up against an intelligent and secure person who isn’t easily manipulated.
    Tony is a showman first and foremost.

  • These people demand healing but who’s gonna give that to you?! No one. You have to find that yourself. Clearly many haven’t thought because the narrative goes on and on and on. Healed people don’t have to talk about this anymore in a way that puts them in the victim role. Why? Because they’ve healed and never ever want to go back there! And the problem with clinging to victimhood is you end up bleeding all over people who never cut you in the first place.

  • Not a dang thing wrong with how Tony phrased it and he’s 1000% right. This woman continually trying to rebut what he said tells me she fits into the category he’s describing ?

  • I'm inspired by Tony Robbins and even started my own Channel creating content trying to inspire and emulate Tony Robbins.. Keep on inspiring so we can stay INSPIRED.

  • He literally said if you use the me too movement to ATTACK and DESTROY someone else you haven’t grown an ounce. He’s talking about people who use a movement in a selfish narcissistic way. That’s all.

  • Oh my gosh serious????

    Is it not obvious what really happened s I’m not even there and I immediately can identify that the issue is she isn’t understanding Where Tony is at in his communication…. he knows that #metoo is not bad in and of itself….. seriously…. but as with anything “How it’s used” in your life matters….. she was not on the same page from the beginning.

    I admire Tony even more, because now on a public level, he is the one who is choosing to grow and apologized, and despite not even being in the wrong, he understand he could’ve communicated differently….. who is really winning here?…. now ask Tony if he cares that she or him is right? He probably doesn’t, he cares that he recognized later they were on different pages at one point in communication…. and he cares that he can become even better as a person and gain emotional intelligence from the experience. If you listened to him, you know he’s always learning and growing and the fact that he does this on this magnitude puts that much more learning and growth on him.

    If she understands that, and realizes it was communication and feeling at a point in time, but they both had good intention, then she will grow just as much and inspire others in a healthy way more so.

    If the drama continues and people create another ‘#anti movement…. welcome to how human Ego will interfere. Tony already processing and working on growth by what I’ve only seen here despite who’s wrong or right,
    Is she? (That’s my problem with this clip…. the news loves creating drama…. #nomiddlemennews #news”howcanwemakemoney”

  • When you become successful and have a true message, people begin to hate you. This woman seems like a plant who was intentionally attending the seminar to attack Robbins. Albeit not always right, Tony is a good dude. Those of you complaining about his pricing don’t know how to value their own time. Money is just a tool.

  • I prefer Dr Wayne Dyer, seems more of a true man to me, but I believe what Robbins said was taken out of context.

  • Sympathy? Buisness because of sympathy? U know what when someone’s come out of nothing they do something about it and not speak their movement. When u do it it ppl ask questions even if it’s non sesnse. There’s never a wrong question or a a wrong answer. Disappointment.

  • This is a prime example for why people remain in victim mentality- I’ve had horrible things happen to me but tony Robbins speaks on how to obtain your power back by straying away from victim mentally – own your emotions and feel them accept them but don’t dwell.

  • I was sexually abused as a child and I’m on Tony’s side….. and I don’t believe in the me too movement

  • empowering through victimization is dumb. I'm happy for alot of these women who have been raped, and that are speaking out but alot of them feel empowered and want to speak out and "redefine a consensual encounter" to go along with the crowd. it happens every single day. women who falsely accuse someone of rape should go to prison themselves. it's gone to far in my opinion. Tony Robin's made a very valid point.

  • your all a bunch of morons tony actually made a good point. victimizing yourself doesnt solve issues. feminism has ruined our society in alot of ways. it's gone above and beyond equal rights for women. to the point that its downright victimization. to seek comfort. that will not solve anyone's problems