Blocks to manifesting reality

If you are interested in manifestation you’ve probably tried reading many of the websites and articles posted on the Internet – and regrettably, you’ve probably had little success with your attempts to manifest what you desire.

One of the questions I get from my readers over and over again is why there is such a discrepancy between what the gurus and other spiritual experts (that is to say, self-appointed “experts”) say, and the reality of most people’s individual experience.

First and foremost, the main reason I believe we fail to manifest is that are all subject to limiting beliefs that prevent us from manifesting reality in a way we find acceptable or desirable.

The very nature of limiting beliefs is that they evolved in childhood to protect us from those things which were threatening, frightening, dangerous to our well-being, or, in the worst possible cases, so abusive that they tended to erode our sense of self and our spirituality.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that limiting beliefs have usually gone deep underground (into the unconscious), and are not at all obvious to us in our adult lives.

Yet the fact of the matter is that limiting beliefs are what stop us from achieving the things we desire to achieve, and therefore for manifestation to be successful, we need to address them. In fact, we need to destroy them.

One of the circularities in this is – as you may already realize – the inherent impossibility of digging out limiting beliefs when they are so deeply embedded in the subconscious mind, out of our awareness.

Fortunately, one clue you have to the limiting beliefs which stop you manifesting what you want is the way your behavior is adapted to prevent yourself from doing certain things.

Inhibition is a sure sign there’s some kind of danger in an action for you – and danger is usually based on a limiting belief which begins “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough” or “I’m bad” or “I’m not lovable”.

There aren’t many fundamental human limiting beliefs; they fall into only a few categories – the problem is that this in itself may not help you identify your limiting beliefs because the exact nature of your belief can take many forms.

Nonetheless closely scrutinizing your behavior and things that you avoid is likely to provide a key to the door into your subconscious so that you can address the limiting beliefs which hold you back.

Needless to say, the next question people ask me is “How can I deal with limiting beliefs so they don’t stop me manifesting?”

That’s a difficult one. I think everybody has to find their own route through these limiting beliefs – you need to find a way of dealing with them that is acceptable to you.

There are many modalities, but deep psychotherapy has proved to be successful for many people. I know you may not have the money or the time to access deep psychotherapy, and that’s a problem, I believe.

For there’s no question that while you hold limiting beliefs you won’t be able to manifest very much – that’s very nature of limiting beliefs: they are designed to keep you in a safe space, which usually corresponds to some childlike state of mind that you created for yourself to avoid the threats of your environment.

I’ve offered a number of suggestions about how you can remove limiting beliefs on another website I’ve written – find out why limiting beliefs are so pernicious and so difficult to deal with when you’re trying to manifest reality on this website.

If you have any questions about this, then there are a number of good books you can read on the subject.