Do This To Raise Your Frequency

“Vibration is the speed of rotation of an electron moving around an atom. “Everything in our world is composed of electrons and particles, and living things are no exception to this rule: every stable and living thing, every person, every entity, vibrates with its frequency.

The importance of vibrational frequencies

By increasing its vibratory frequencies, we evolve in a more positive state and higher for our health! Increasing our frequencies awakens our sense of sharing, joy, altruism and helps us connect to our universe in all its unity and splendor. Raising our vibrations means listening!

Conversely, emotions such as sadness, anger, jealousy, melancholy, etc., are low frequency.

Feeling them is one thing (crying helps increase your frequency because of the repressed feelings that are released); cultivating them is another. We cannot move forward in our search for elevation in well-being if we hold on to these feelings. We will invariably remain stuck in the same energies, even the same patterns.

Be aware that anger in our daily lives causes a profound change in our organism. Cultivating anger prevents the release of serotonin (happiness hormone) in our brain. Implies sadness, melancholy, anxiety, depression, physical level, offense, and its low frequency lead to headaches, digestive problems, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, hypertension, skin problems such as eczema, stroke, heart attack.

Taking care of our vibration with a holistic lifestyle

Everything that surrounds us and what we experience has an impact on our vibration. However, here are some ways to take care of our vibratory harmony:f our vibration with a holistic lifestyle

Breathing and all the exercises that allow us to explore it fully Quality water in sufficient quantity
A healthy diet in reasonable portions, which does not require more energy to assimilate than it provides!
All types of movement in consciousness (Yoga, Qi-Gong, dances, walks,)
Contact with Nature: Water, Sea, Earth, Planets, Sun,
Relaxation in all its forms
Manual and reflex techniques (massages, psycho-corporal therapies, reflexology,)
Prayer, visualization, and meditation
The free flow of our emotions
Learning, deciding, being, and acting in consciousness
Readings and images that make us feel good
Certain music and sound vibrations
Various purification techniques (youth, purges, diets, ablutions) when the vital force is necessary to provide the effort that the inner cleansing provokes.

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