Manifest your vacation

What does it take to manifest your vacation?


– NO!  Money is just one of a thousand possible ways to manifest your vacation, but not the only one! Remember that!


– Not yet, actually NOT AT ALL! When you desire something and want it so badly – you don’t believe that it can happen to you, and you just try to calm down these thoughts of worry most of the time, you spend your time not thinking about your vacation as if you are there right now, but thinking about HOW to get there, WHERE to get money for that, HOW to afford it, and other destructive thoughts like “I’m not going to make it”, “It’s impossible”, “What if I can’t?”, “What if it won’t happen?”

The answer is – INTENTION!

The art of manifestation

It is that simple,


You don’t have to believe, you don’t have to make yourself do these visualizations of your dream every single day and put checkmarks on your calendar counting how many visualizations you’ve made, these kinds of things are called self-torture! You are in this world not because you OWN your life to somebody, some kind of idol, or God.

You are in this world because you want to ENJOY and PLAY this BEAUTY created for you and… BY YOU!

To better understand what I want to say – I will try to explain it with this metaphor:

When you go to the market to buy some apples ask yourself: “How do I feel?” You feel normal! NORMAL! Not excited, not worried, just normal, ordinary, usual.

In fact, if you come to the market and you don’t find the apples there you won’t be disappointed so much, because it’s not a big deal, you could buy them in the grocery store, or somewhere else, or you could buy them tomorrow, right? YOU DON’T CARE MUCH! You don’t put so much attention to it, it’s like ordinary behavior for you.

Do you get the point?

Your vacation should be like a walk to the grocery store or a market for apples. Simple. Remember – for the Universe your vacation is a piece of cake, it’s a piece of sand, an atom, a particle, nothing at all… And it should be nothing at all for you! C’mon, it’s just a game! Even if you don’t go on vacation, so what? Will you die? NO! Nothing bad happens, so why would you be disappointed? LET IT GO! JUST LET IT GO!

Make an intention

Make an intention: “I want a Caribbean cruise”. Don’t put words of date and time to your intention, Universe doesn’t understand this ILLUSION, that we call TIME! In fact, if you limit yourself with these schedules you will be more frustrated with each day, do you need to be frustrated? NO!

After you’ve made an intention – let it go!

That’s all.

That’s all? That’s all??? Your mind wants magic and miracles right? Well, I’ll tell you what these miracles are: YOU THINK, BELIEVE, KNOW THAT APPLES ARE THERE!

Because you are the Universe, and the Universe is YOU!

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