Do what you love and do it often.


I came across this sentence, beautifully illustrated by a photograph, a few months ago, and this message summarizes, in my opinion, all the theories about happiness.

It flows from the source.

If you do things you love every day, you will get your daily dose (dare I say a fix?) happiness.

Rather than live endlessly waiting for great future happiness, it is better to savor the modest joys of everyday life.

Happiness is waiting (or not)

It is often said that happiness is in expectation. And to some extent, this is true. Employees returning to the office are advised to book their next vacation as soon as they return to alleviate the pain of recovery. It is indeed sweet and pleasant to project yourself, imagine what we will discover, and anticipate sunsets and gourmet aperitifs.

However, if every day does not bring you a minimum of joy, waiting for the city trip to Budapest planned in five months will plunge you into a state of frustration, and time will seem to slow down painfully. Sadder still, the shock of returning to “normal” life will only be more brutal once this long-awaited event passes.

On the other hand, if you strive to introduce activities that amuse you or rejuvenate you into your daily life, you will no longer need to run away from your life. Of course, you will always find a lot of fun going on a weekend or a day on an adventure, but your escapades will be like desserts that you enjoy at the end of a good meal, and not a glass of fresh water that you swallow too quickly after a crossing of the desert.

Take action

After inspiration comes to action.

Where to start?

Pragmatically, you can start with a very simple exercise-which comes from a quote in circulation on social networks.

Here you will find a template to complete to see where you stand.

If you feel stuck and struggle to know what you like to do, try this second exercise.

Be careful; these are ten habits that make you happy and not habits that you feel obliged to apply or that you feel you have to do.

If you are particularly stressed at the moment, this simple exercise may leave you without the slightest inspiration or your first thoughts will be of the style ” I don’t know what to do ! I do not have time to have leisure”.
My list

To give you a boost, I give you here a list template, and below is my list of the moment :

  1. stretching myself before getting out of bed
  2. play the piano — ideally a first time very early in the morning (and thus have the feeling of having all the time) and once in the evening to end the day on a good note(sorry for the pun. Too easy. Couldn’t resist !!)
  3. walking my dog
  4. read (a book, a magazine – a blog – whatever)
  5. send a message(e-mail or text) to a friend
  6. listening to music (even singing to the full lungs)
  7. drink a cup of tea (I regularly pass the six-cup bar-but, in my defense, know that it is green tea)
  8. eat a square of chocolate
  9. apply moisturizer (which smells like almond milk) on my hands
  10. Doodle/draw / write a few lines before falling asleep

My list evolves with my desires. At first, I had to dig my head out to find ten fun or valuable things to do. I was so stressed that I found myself unable to answer the question, ” what do you like to do ? ». Today, there are probably more than ten things I am happy to do every day.

Enough about me : it’s up to you to play now!

What will you start with? Tight coffee? A detour through the park by going to the office? A few dance steps at the bed jump? Pampering your plants ?

If you are overflowing with ideas, nothing forces you to limit yourself to ten habits — go to 15 or 20.

Have fun, and feel free to share your ideas!

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