Law of Attraction Money Tips

Using the law of attraction for money is probably the main reason most people are drawn to the law of attraction in the first place. They are drawn by the claims (sometimes over-hyped!) that it teaches us how to attract money into our lives.

Unfortunately, for most of us, more money is the most difficult thing to manifest.

Even for those of us who diligently apply the principles of the law of attraction, the money doesn’t seem to manifest. This can be enormously frustrating in the face of all the promises made by those promoting the law of attraction teachings and products.

So, how come it is so difficult to attract money?

What can we do to start manifesting some abundance into our lives?

Here are 3 law of attraction money tips:

Law of Attraction Money Tip 1: Let Money Flow

I’m sure that you are all familiar with the belief that: “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Excellent advice for the conventional approach to creating wealth. But when applied to the law of attraction, thrifty-ness may actually block money from coming to us.

Suppose you can imagine it like a circle of energy. If any part of the circle is squeezed, it slows or stops the flow to the rest of the circle. When we hold our money too tightly, it puts a kink in the flow, and it prevents wealth from manifesting into our reality.

So when you spend, affirm that what you spend or use will flow back to you quickly and effortlessly. Get into the habit of not spending your money with anger, fear, and resentment. Bless the money you spend. Fill it with positive and loving thoughts, feelings, and energy instead.

Law of Attraction Money Tip 2: Get clear about money

Clear your feelings and beliefs around money.

For example, if we often think of people who have money as “filthy rich,” then we have an issue that needs to be cleared. The world “filthy” indicates our emotions about money. We probably think it’s dirty, bad, and disgusting-something to be ashamed of.

One of the roots of this belief may be found in spirituality. Many spiritual teachings tell us that greed prevents our spiritual development.

That’s true in one sense. However, this contradicts the new teachings (such as the law of attraction) that states that abundance is our birthright. How do we reconcile this contradiction?

Firstly, it is important to examine the difference.

Simple, really.

The difference between greed and abundance is determined by what we do with our money once we have it. If we exploit, abuse others or use questionable means to get money and then hold on to it with selfish motives, then yes, that would certainly be unspiritual.

On the other hand, if we allow the energy to flow freely through us and help others with our wealth, as well as using it to further our creativity, joy and wellness, then it can be called abundance.

It’s because of these opposing views that many of us struggle with our feelings about and relationship to money. So, how do you feel about money, really?

Law of Attraction Money Tip 3: I deserve abundance

Too many of us don’t feel that we deserve to have wealth.

This belief can be conscious but is mostly an unconscious one. But this alone can block money from flowing to us; even when we try our hardest applying the law of attraction money principles.

The key to this is to uncover our deep (mostly unconscious) thoughts and feelings about money and heal the negative emotions and beliefs surrounding them.

Maybe our parents said things like: “Our family has never been rich.” Statements like these can have deep and devastating effects on our unconscious feelings about money. They tend to create invisible barriers and ceilings around wealth and money. And worse, these are especially difficult to release if they’ve been there since our early years.

The solution is deep understanding through self-reflection, self-honesty, and a conscious attempt to find ways to replace our negative thoughts and feelings about money with positive ones.

When it comes to the law of attraction money connection, there are many unconscious factors that determine our success in using the law of attraction to manifest more money in our life. If you’re experiencing difficulties with the law of attraction and money, I strongly recommend Bob Proctor’s The 11 Forgotten Laws program.

To your abundance!

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